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Weight Loss
ddirito: Ddirito lost 57 pounds; gave up his beloved meats; when traveling internationally for work he asks colleagues in that country to take him to a store where he can stock up on fruits and veggies
I watched my father deal with his obesity and diabetes before his death. I observed that his life consisted of checking his blood sugar, taking a… read more
Gyberg: Ellen G. lost 55 pounds in 4 months  and went from size 16 to size 2; she is no longer prediabetic;  her husband gradually lost 90 pounds
At 176 pounds I was the heaviest I had ever been. I was pre-diabetic and not feeling well. My doctor told me to lose weight, but gave no insight… read more
Joyce B. lost 55 pounds; her doctor gave her  Eat To Live and as soon as she started  the diet her arthritis flare ups from palandromic rheumatism greatly lessened
I was asked by Dr. Michael Malloy to share my story. In January 2011 I went to see Dr. Malloy for severe pain caused by palandromic rheumatism.… read more
Shelly: Shelley lost 52 pounds; since childhood she has been on a journey to lose weight and keep it off which resulted in always feeling discouraged and depressed until she became a nutritarian
Since childhood I have struggled with my weight off and on. As a child I was never extremely overweight, just chunky enough to be self-conscious,… read more
Allie  lost 50 pounds; has increased energy and is now motivated to exercise; has kept her allergies at bay
I have struggled with weight for the majority of my life. My weight has gone up and down since I was an adolescent.  I also suffer from wheat,… read more
MaryBeth lost 50 pounds and when people ask her what she has to give up on her Nutritarian diet her reply is "I had to give up a future of poor health."
This morning's breakfast:  I sliced fresh mango and  threw it into the food processor.  A year ago I don't think I knew how to prepare a mango,… read more
memkat: Memkat lost 48 pounds; her chronic feet / leg edema is gone; eliminated her diabetes and gout meds;  her cholesterol is in normal limits;  no longer requires blood pressure meds
I became engaged in a battle for my life in September 2005 at the age of 58. I was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease called Wegeners… read more
Sal lost 48 pounds; his goal was to get leaner so that he could participate in a  Fitness Competition and he is thrilled with acheiving results so naturally and effective
On September 28, 2011 I decided to train for a Fitness Competition. I was looking for alternative ways to getting leaner and came across Dr.… read more
Sandi S. lost 48 pounds and is winning her long-time struggle with her weight going up and down; now she is firmly committed to the program and is no longer at war with her body
When I learned about Dr. Fuhrman's Six Week Holiday Challenge I jumped on it with vigor! I knew about the Eat To Live program and thought it made… read more
Janice N.  lost 43 pounds; no longer suffers arthritis, severe neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, seasonal allergies; husband reversed his diabetes, cholesterol and blood pressure are normal
I had very serious, chronic neck pain with bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome. An MRI showed I had cervical stenosis, two bulging discs and… read more
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