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Weight Loss
gbrethen: Greg B.  lost 27 pounds; his cholesterol is in normal range and his dangerously high triglycerides are on the way to being normal; his wife lost 21 pounds
When I was eighteen  years old I learned I had high triglycerides(1100) and was told if I didn't get it under control in ten to fifteen years I… read more
LHorse girl RN lost 27 pounds in 8 weeks and is almost off diabetes medications; has great lab work;  nutritarian is now her  lifestyle
Almost entirely off diabetic meds, lab work phenomenal changes. Together we have lost 37 pounds in 8 short weeks! We consider Nutritarian to be… read more
Debbie A. lost 26 pounds; she and her husband prepare their meals for the upcoming week each weekend so they can stay on track with the diet
This plan is truly right for me! I do sometimes miss having salt. Other than that, I find it easy to stay on track. My husband and I prepare our… read more
Ellen lost 26 pounds; inspired by seeing Dr. Fuhrman on Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, she began her Nutritarian journey  along with juicing; now her excess weight is melting off
I was very unhappy with my weight. I started going to the gym on and off, but I wasn't seeing much of a difference. Someone told me about the… read more
Ken lost 25 pounds; quickly healed from hip surgery, feels great, and was able to go back to work after only six weeks amazing his fellow workers; now his brother is on the program
I recently had my second total hip replacement. My doctor told me to lose weight and the hips would last a long long time.  I was 255 pounds when… read more
Michael lost 25 pounds and weighs less than he did in high school; his LDL  is greatly improved and he can do yoga poses now that were impossible for him before
I  switched to a nutritarian diet after seeing Dr. Fuhrman on PBS, reading Eat to Live  and the China Study.  My LDL dropped from 119 to 84.  My… read more
Pat: Joan W. lost 25 pounds; had chronic bronchial asthma and has gone from taking 12 pills a day to 3;  no longer needs to walk with a cane;  lowered her cholesterol levels
I was taking  approximately twelve pills a day and walked with a cane. I had chronic bronchial asthma, depression and anxiety.  After only four… read more
Paul lost 25 pounds and  significantly lowered his blood pressure and cholesterol
 Paul's  cholesterol and blood pressure have  dropped significantly.
Tom F. lost 25 pounds and lowered his cholesterol from about 220 to 155, he tried over the years to lower his cholesterol because his family has a history of heart disease, but he never could until now
I have a family history of heart disease. Since I was 25, I have had my cholesterol checked yearly. No matter what I did, I could not get my… read more
Bob C. lost 24 pounds and is still losing; he is off cholesterol medication and his blood pressure is normal; he wishes he had known about the Eat To Live diet earlier in his life
I was about thirty-five pounds overweight. My cholesterol had been over 200 for at least 20 years. I had angioplasty in 1998 and had my right… read more
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