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Joe: Jerry is free of the  debilitating cluster headaches he had suffered for years 
My cluster headaches were cured after following Dr. Fuhrman's advice as outlined in his book.  I had suffered from them for years.
Karen D.'s husband, a former meat devotee, and cancer survivor, adopted her healthy diet and feels more energetic than ever; both eagerly share their healthy lifestyle with family and friends
I am writing on behalf of my entire family to thank you for your book Eat To Live.   After reading it along with the China Study, my family has… read more
Lana saw a decrease in her blood pressure and is thankful to Dr. Fuhrman and the online members for their support!
I saw my doctor yesterday. She had some results from recent blood work and she also took my blood pressure.
Mark S. says he not only lost weight, he beat diabetes and heart disease and has become so passionate about his Eat To Live lifestyle he organized a vegan group in his area
I have beaten diabetes and heart disease since taking Dr. Fuhrman's advice and now speak well and frequently on the subject. I have also lost a… read more
Melinda C. was a vegan 12 years before starting the program, but  was eating junk and processed foods; now after  4 days on the program her chest pain and fast heart beat is much better
I just started this program four days ago. I was already vegan for  twelve years prior, however was eating junk food and lived on… read more
Mike and Lorena P. lost 26 pounds combined; Mike is no longer diabetic; this long haul trucker husband /wife team have learned to eat healthy on the road which is difficult eating at truck stops 
Our ND (Doctor of Naturopathy) referred us to Dr. Fuhrman’s website after my husband was diagnosed with diabetes.  We drive long haul for a living… read more
Mike S. is grateful for the information he learned and the results of his blood tests!
Dear Dr. Fuhrman,

I recently had some heart issues and the result was two stents being inserted in one artery. I'm sure you get these emails… read more
Obermeyer: Natalie O. learned a college student living away from home can still eat healthy
I'm a college student who has learned that eating for health can be done while living away at college.
Robert B.  had numerous health problems and after following the diet for one year his blood work is near perfect; his prostate pain went away and his prostate is no longer enlarged
Thank you so much for bringing me back to health by reading and following the  Eat  to Live plan. I'm 46 years old and I have tried to eat well… read more
Rreny's has Crohn's and Colitis for 30 years and says the Eat To Live diet allows him to eat healthy foods and never take drugs as others who have these disease do; he no longer suffers depression
I would to share with you the benefits I have come to experience with living this wonderful way of life. First of all, having had Crohn's and… read more
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