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Bill  T.  lost 20 pounds;  his cholesterol numbers are much improved and he no longer snores; his wife lost 15 pounds
On September 15th, 2009 (a day after her birthday) my wife had a heart attack and two stents. This was a complete shock because she had lost… read more
cmg: Cara M. lost 20 pounds; discontinued her toxic topical acne medications and her skin is clearer than ever; her digestive system is healthier; her sinus headaches are almost completely gone
About a year ago I read Eat to Live and it has been an incredible journey. I began dieting at around age fifteen and spent many years successfully… read more
Dan suffered a heart attack despite being an active marathon runner, adopting Eat to Live has allowed him to lace up his running shoes again.
Dear Dr Fuhrman:

I am writing to tell you how much I have enjoyed reading your books and website and tell you our success story. As a long-time… read more
Desirée: Desiree M. lost 20 pounds and says although she wasn't obese she wasn't healthy  when she didn't question what she ate; she wrote her  Master's thesis on changing  to a  healthy lifestyle
I never questioned what I ate, where it came from, how many calories, except what tasted good and what did not. I was never obese, nor considered… read more
Diane M. lost 20 pounds after years of  trying many different diets and fasting and binging; now  she enjoys following Eat To Live recipes  and has given up her bad eating habits
At age 17, I was diagnosed with a goiter and treated with radioactive iodine. Doctors told me there would be a period of adjustment before my… read more
Larry  lost 20 pounds and says within a few months he have lost nearly all headaches, am totally cured of asthma

I started Dr. Fuhrman's diet five months ago after many years of being a vegetarian but consuming dairy. I had been suffering chronic… read more
Maureen lost 20 pounds; suffering the debilitating effects of Lyme Disease she felt at the end of her rope; after 10 weeks on the program her aches and fatigue were gone and she now feels great
When I statred Eat To Live I was at the end of my rope. I had gained thirty pounds in two years. I was diagnosed with Lyme desease in 2011 and was… read more
Mike F.  lost 20 pounds; his intent going on the program was to avoid a heart attack which took his father's life at an early age; now  he finds it much easier to swim a mile 5 or 6 mornings each week
I have been on a low fat diet for more than twenty years. My father had his first heart attack at 41 years old and  died as a result of his third… read more
Mike H. lost 20 pounds when he went on program  to accompany  his  wife who was seeking to lose her after pregnancy weight; now he has normal blood pressure and is off arthritis medication
There are a lot of extreme stories shared on this site with amazing weight loss. Mine is not extreme by any means, but I feel that a larger… read more
Nancy C. lost 20 pounds after trying many other diets with no success; she says this is the best diet she has tried and her skin and nails look good; she feels good and is  now a size 6
I was just looking for a lifestyle diet that was sustainable over the long term. I had already tried the "balanced diet", the Atkins diet, and the… read more
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