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candytn: Candytn  suffered from Fibromylagia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for 10 years, now after six weeks  was able to go off her fibromyalgia, allergy and asthma  medicines and has less fatigue
For over a year I did not have the energy and stamina to drive or go get my own groceries.  Within about three to four weeks being on the diet, I… read more
Sheryl suffered pain for years from debilitating MS, RA, and Lupus; now on her  plant-based diet she is  pain free, her hands and joints are normal without medication or treatment
I have Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus. I was diagnosed with MS in 2006.  My initial treatments were Copaxone injections every… read more
David M. says, "I haven't been sick in the last six years of being a vegan and I feel stronger and healthier every day that I follow this lifestyle."
When I was 18 I felt miserable all the time. I had trouble sleeping and suffered from depression. This depression stopped me from living my life… read more
Jean rarely gets a migraine now, previously they were monthly occurrences; her "touchy stomach"  is much better;  she really enjoys her meals as they are no longer bland
I am writing in response to your Holiday Challenge contest.  I read Dr. Fuhrman's books, Eat to Live and Immunity Solutions, and am very impressed… read more
Kenneth C.Growing up this 21 year old never ate a salad, consumbed very little veggies and fruit; first learning about Dr. Fuhrman  on TV turned him into a passionate Nutritarian advocate
I am 21 years old and live in Birmingham, Alabama. I never had a salad in my entire childhood. I ate extremely little vegetables and fruit as a… read more
Sonia B's  severe osteoporosis and other debilitaling ailments led to surgery; now her medications have been cut down to less than half and she feels better which is a blessing to her
I am a size 6 and am not losing weight, but my body looks like I am. I started Eat To Live  to make me feel better and help with pain. I am on… read more
Camille S. is grateful for Dr. Fuhrman's help in her son's recovery from rheumatic fever as well as his guidance in her complete recovery from a severe bout of Lyme's Disease
I consulted with Dr. Furhman when my son was very sick with rheumatic fever. He was extremely helpful. My son is now a top football player and the… read more
Connie C. no longer has high cholesterol or  joint pain; her osteoporosis improved into osteopena and she expects her bones will soon be normal; she dropped down 6 dress sizes
A bone density test showed I had osteoporosis. I met with Dr. Fuhrman and he suggested that I take Osteo-Sun, continue juicing vegetables, and add… read more
Jamie is no longer on insulin and her blood sugar levels are below 120, compared to 300+ with insulin! She also no longer experiences heartburn!
Dear Dr. Fuhrman,

The changes that I started to see on the third day of the new diet keep going on everyday. Thank you! Thank You! Thank you!
Joe: Jerry is free of the  debilitating cluster headaches he had suffered for years 
My cluster headaches were cured after following Dr. Fuhrman's advice as outlined in his book.  I had suffered from them for years.
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