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Ed  is a 23 year cancer survivor.  Lost 26 pounds and only goes to the doctor for annual exam;  no longer suffers heartburn and his allergies are greatly reduced
My biggest improvements since being on the program are a feelig of well being, the absence of heartburn, and  greatly reduced allergies. Have only… read more
Pat: Joan W. lost 25 pounds; had chronic bronchial asthma and has gone from taking 12 pills a day to 3;  no longer needs to walk with a cane;  lowered her cholesterol levels
I was taking  approximately twelve pills a day and walked with a cane. I had chronic bronchial asthma, depression and anxiety.  After only four… read more
Van I: Howard V. lost 23 pounds in 3-1/2weeks; despite not liking greens, decided to give the diet a "whirl" and never lost weight so fast,  now he is committed to it
I did not like greens,  but the Basic Plan seemed so straight forward I decided to give it a whirl and lost weight right away.  I  never lost… read more
Alison B. lost 22 pounds after just 5 weeks on the program and she plans to continue her new food lifestlyle; she  has much more energy and is no longer chronically fatigued
A friend of mine recommended I pick up Eat To Live so I put  it in my Amazon.com queue  and did not think about it again until the 2009 holiday… read more
Judy A. lost 22 pounds and says it is the only diet that ever worked  for her; she loves her 27 inch waist
I have always been active and very aware of the foods I put into my body. However, when I hit my late thirties I noticed my weight starting  to… read more
ljm422 lost 22 pounds in  5 weeks and is looking forward to losing more, her cholesterol is in normal range and her diabetes is slowly being controlled without medication; feels better than ever
I am a little early along to be bragging about amazing before and after pictures, but I have made such progress over six weeks that I could not… read more
sabinaa: Sabinaa lost 22 pounds; she was diagnosed with Graves Disease in 2005 and now her thyroid is normal; she realizes health begins with the foods you eat
 In 2005, I was diagnosed with Grave's disease. Against the advice of three doctors, I did not have my thyroid removed or distroyed.  After taking… read more
William O. lost 22 pounds; his doctor congratulated after learning he no longer needs medications for high cholesterol or has restless leg syndrome; his cravings for toxic foods are gone
At age 58, I had been diagnosed with restless leg syndrome, high cholesterol, and sinusitis. I was experiencing headaches as well as leg cramps on… read more
Zina lost 22 pounds; no longer wakes up feeling stiff with severe joint pains, the dark colored splotches she had on her face are gone; her spider veins have almost disappeared; boyfriend lost 20 pounds
After seeing Dr. Fuhrman on Dr. Oz, I bought Eat To Live.  It opened my eyes to what I was rushing into the way I was eating.  I immediately… read more
Gina G lost 21 pounds; has normal cholesterol and blood pressure; calls her new lifestyle an amazing health journey;  went from size 10/12 pants to size 6; has tons of energy
What a amazing journey I have been on! I have been battling high cholesterol,  pre-high blood pressure and a chronic pain condition for many… read more
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