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Cassie and Dave S. won the 2011-2012 Holiday Challenge Contest; together lost 156 pounds
My husband and I decided we could either eat ourselves into poor health and an early death or we could eat ourselves into good health and a long… read more
Julia S. Losing 105 pounds saved her life
I know I would not be alive today if not for Dr. Fuhrman's plan. After three heart attacks within three months of each other and five… read more
Susan W. lost  215  life-threatening pounds and feels alive again
At 380 pounds, miserable doesn’t adequately describe how I felt. I was always heavy. My life was filled with perpetual yo-yo weight gains and… read more
Susan W. lost  a life changing 215 pounds and is no longer is diabetic
I started the six week Eat To Live challenge and extended it. In six months I lost 120 pounds, by fourteen months 200 pounds, and 215 pounds to… read more
Gerald lost 161 pounds and found mental clarity
In Sept 25 2012 I saw an endocrinologist about my 57 year long struggle with obesity. He diagnosed me with a leptin deficiency and a subclinical… read more
Felicia lost a life-altering 147 pounds
I struggled with my weight for numerous years and tried various diets, but did not have the incentive to stick to any diet plan.  However, one day… read more
Dan M. lost 143 pounds  regained sexual function
I lost 143 pounds and gained optimum health by vegetable juicing and a plant-based whole food eating lifestyle. I reversed pre-diabetes, regained… read more
Jane:  Together Jane  and her husband lost 185 pounds
Our Nutritarian journey started when I watched the film Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead and  was immediately inspired, bought a juicer and started juicing… read more
Rachel lost a whopping 118 pounds
I weighed 270 pounds and was often sick. I would develop strep throat once or twice a year, had mono in high school, and was fatigued on a daily… read more
Janet lost 102 pounds, has stopped taking steroids for  M.S.
I have M.S. and had to take oral steroids for many years. I was very overweight, had high cholesterol, and hypertension. I was in an accident and… read more
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