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Laverne S. lowered  her  blood sugar in less than  three weeks and is losing five pounds a week
I am 100 pounds overweight.  Three weeks ago, I had a physical and my blood sugar was 289. The doctor told me I was diabetic and would be on… read more
Jean S. was prediabetic, her cholesterol and triglycerides were problematic; three weeks into her nutritarian diet she no longer is at risk of developing diabetes or has high cholesterol or triglycerides
Even though I was not much overweight, I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes due to a family history. My cholestrol and triglycerides were in the… read more
Jamie is no longer on insulin and her blood sugar levels are below 120, compared to 300+ with insulin! She also no longer experiences heartburn!
Dear Dr. Fuhrman,

The changes that I started to see on the third day of the new diet keep going on everyday. Thank you! Thank You! Thank you!
Mike and Lorena P. lost 26 pounds combined; Mike is no longer diabetic; this long haul trucker husband /wife team have learned to eat healthy on the road which is difficult eating at truck stops 
Our ND (Doctor of Naturopathy) referred us to Dr. Fuhrman’s website after my husband was diagnosed with diabetes.  We drive long haul for a living… read more
Thomas H. is no longer on  diabetes medications; he is starting a non-profit wellness center  focusing on educating people on how  proper nutrition is key in the treatment of diabetes
Dr. Rafael D'Angelo of Denver, CO helped me get off my diabetic medications in 2010. He had me follow the Fuhrman protocol  and gave me the book read more
Vivian is no longer prediabetic;  blood pressure medication has been reduced; despite having a heart valve replacement, she is confident eating healthy will make her heart  stronger
I believeI have a unique story.  I was not overweight when I started the Eat to Live program.  I was tired of the way I was eating after being… read more
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