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Lynsey lost 65 pounds; after years of feeling sick her autoimmune problems are gone; her cholesterol, blood pressure and kidney function are normal;  is off anti-depressant medication
My deepest thanks to Dr. Fuhrman.  He completely changed my life and my body from the inside out.  After years of feeling sick, I finally had a… read more
Shannon lost 60 pounds and is still losing; no longer suffers from hypothyroidism or has bad PMS
I didn't want to just lose weight, I needed to for my family to have medical benefits. Our medical plan uses Dr. Fuhrman's radio show and books to… read more
Carrie S. lost 40 pounds; no  longer suffers from migraines and her rheumatoid arthritis is almost in remission; now wakes up without pain or the need for any of the 25 pills she once had to take
I started Dr. Furhman's program with my husband. I was given  Eat To Live  by my father who had been on the program for a few months and had great… read more
Michael lost 40 pounds; his Crohn's  disease cleared up, his arthritis causes him  less pain, and his mood improved; he is enjoying life as never before
I was In terrible pain from Crohn's disease and arthritis, I read Eat to Live  and not knowing what else to do, having tried everything else, I… read more
Atlanta Family:  A famly nurtritarian success story! Dad lost 30 pounds. no longer has asthma; three daughters are free of  various chronic conditions; ADD/ADHD improved; mom no longer suffers migraines
We have had tremendous success as a nutritarian family. My husband and I both first read Eat To Live in 2005.  He began following the plan, and… read more
fernando: Fernando lost 32 pounds and is grateful to have the program
I need to lose weight and  also need support. I am feeling better than I have been. I am so grateful for the program. Thank you.
Sharon G was surprised at how fast she was symptom free from  Myasthenia Gravis; is thankful to no longer have to take  the 8 medications she previously had to take for it; also lost 32 pounds
I followed Dr. Fuhrman's recipes and advice in the two books Eat to Live and Super Immunity.  I did not expect the fast results I got.  I was on… read more
sabinaa: Sabinaa lost 22 pounds; she was diagnosed with Graves Disease in 2005 and now her thyroid is normal; she realizes health begins with the foods you eat
 In 2005, I was diagnosed with Grave's disease. Against the advice of three doctors, I did not have my thyroid removed or distroyed.  After taking… read more
Venki lost 22 pounds and no longer needs diabetic medication; his blood pressure dropped to normal;  family and friends are amazed by the improvement in his physical and mental health
I came across Dr.Fuhrman's book The End of Diabetes and read it cover to cover in a few days. I had been a diabetic since 2007 and was on the… read more
Karin  lost 17 pounds; wants to avoid her family's history of stroke and heart attack by following the nutritarian lifestyle; now is free of most meds and  her headaches are a thing of the past
I was semi vegetarian prior to April 2013 with a CRP test result of 3.  According to my cardiologist my other test results were within values. I… read more
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