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Ronnie V.  lost 140 pounds; previously he had quadruple bypass, balloon surgery and felt close to death; now his angina has ceased;  he is no longer is depressed and has his life back again

Ronnie V.

While at work in September 2005 I  felt a nagging pain in my chest which ended up going to the ER and having quadruple bypass surgery.  Feeling that I had been fixed, I went back to my old routines, smoking two to four packs a day, heavy drinking, being a couch potato and eating fried foods galore in massive quantities.   As anyone could predict, my health went south and my weight went up very rapidly. Ocassionally, I would try diet plans (Atkins, Ornish etc.) only to watch my health deteriorate further and further to the point all the doctors I saw would just shake their heads or end up firing me as a patient. This continued until I  resolved that I would soon be leaving this earth, and became so depressed that it became very hard to be around me at all. I was using drinking, smoking, medicating or eating to cope with my situation and  just about alienated everyone that loved me from my life. I was getting ready to check out.

On July 4th 2008, after a day of heavy drinking and binge eating, I went to bed as usual to sleep it off. But a glorious life saving event took place. I woke up with chest pains that I knew would come, but I was mad at myself for destroying my life with all my addictions. I went to the hospital, and over the next few days the Lord began to let me see how much my life affected those around me. I decided I wanted to live.  The doctors put  three stents into one artery and performed balloon surgery on another, and,on July 10th, sent me home with a packet full of prescriptions. I was very depressed because I wanted to live again, but was faced with the realization of what I had done to myself. I had to look at what was in front of me. For the first time in my life I saw that it wasn't life killing my body, it was me. Me and all the poor choices I had been making. I wanted to change, but how? I knew it all centered around what went in my mouth. That was what was killing me and  gotten me into the fix I was in. That night at 3:00 a.m. I woke up with chest pains again, and after taking nitro to stop it, I searched the internet to perhaps find some answers to what I should do next. Wow! I never would have guessed the journey I had before me! I googled  "reverse heart disease" and came across  Dr. Fuhrman.com and immediately knew I had found the answer to all my health problems and addictions. I started right then by devouring every page of information on the site. And when I ran out of that I became a member of his Member Center and started reading the member forums and newsletters. I downloaded and read CFL, I ordered vitamins and supplements. I ordered and read Eat to Live and watched as my very being came alive again with hope. Finally, someone had all the science and could translate  it to me and others into a life changing way. It all made perfect sense. If I ate my way to the destruction of my health, why couldn't I eat my way to restoration and reversal? Armed with a wealth of information and support I began my journey back to life and health. I stepped on the scale which would only go to 300 pounds, and I was more than that. Instead of being depressed, I was motivated to get my weight under the limit of the scale so I could start tracking my weight loss along with my other Eat to Live goals which were: reverse my CHD, reverse high blood pressure, stop the unstable angina, lower my cholesterol, stop drinking and smoking.

I started the journey and am  living proof of what, armed with the right kind of information and support that is available to us, nutritional excellence can do. Since stating Eat to Live my progress is: I've lost 111 pounds down to 189  just 19 pounds from my goal weight of 170, cut my Lipitor down from 20 to 10 mgs (Dr. Fuhrman will be taking me off that soon), stopped taking 300mgs of avapro for blood pressure, went from 200 to 12.5 mgs of a beta blocker for blood pressure (Dr. Fuhrman wants to wean me off in the next  three weeks), have gotten my exercise tolerance up to where I can exercise without having PVC's, the angina has ceased. I quit drinking, quit smoking, am not short winded anymore, blood sugar is back to normal. My recent lipid panel was cholesterol 101, LDL 51,  HDL 34, Triglicerides  91. It has not been a bed of roses, and there been some highs and lows. But all I can say is that my worse day now following Eat to Live is better than my best day then.

Needless to say, my family  is astonished in the new me. My younger brother lost 23 pounds and his wife lost 47 pounds and they too are on the road to nutritional excellence.  Everyone who sees me is in awe of what Eat to Live has done for me, my wife and  family. I had to get a new driver's license because store clerks asking for ID  did not believe it was me. People are amazed at the energy I have and how focused I've become on my health and the health of others.  I'm going to start an Eat to Live class and support group at my church to strengthen and support others.

We really don't know what a treasure we have in Dr. Fuhrman. To have a doctor  of his caliber at our fingertips via "Ask the Doctor" (Member Center) is simply incredible, and is, by far, my most single asset in my battle against heart disease. I have been an example to others  including my brother and sister, both of whom have heart disease. I would not want anyone to go through what me and my family have had to endure in my struggle before Eat to Live. However, if anyone can gain strength or motivation from what I had to go through, then it makes the struggle well worth it. If you are overweight, have poor health, CHD, diabetic Don't wait! Start your new life today!  Don't accept failures voice anymore. Eat to Live works, The web site works, Ask The Doctor works. The only thing waiting is your voice of victory over the health problem that brought you to this decision. You can do it!

Update: March, 2009
I'm now off all blood pressure and cholesterol medicine and have lost a total of 120 pounds. Also, my son has started Eat to Live with his whole family and  has lost 25 pounds and a shirt size (from 3x to 2x) and from a 50 to a 46 waist in three weeks. Now my entire family is following Eat to Live. To our dear friend Dr. Fuhrman a big thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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