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Susan W. lost  215  life-threatening pounds and feels alive again

Susan W.

At 380 pounds, miserable doesn’t adequately describe how I felt. I was always heavy. My life was filled with perpetual yo-yo weight gains and losses. I tried every fad diet imaginable. I even tried a form of acupuncture, getting a “seed” placed in my ear, which was supposed to reduce food cravings. It didn’t. I tried hypnosis, and eventually succumbed to lap band surgery, the biggest mistake of my life.  Having a lap band was continually painful, and I couldn’t even eat a salad with it in place. By the time I had the procedure reversed four years later, I was thirty pounds heavier. It was a nightmare.

I work in a very busy hospital and was embarrassed to be so unhealthy. Looking back, I don’t even know how I went to work every day and raised four children. It was hard for my kids to have a morbidly obese mother, and because I hated myself so much, I also hated my husband.  I was constantly fatigued. I couldn’t even climb a flight of stairs without being exhausted. I lived in daily fear of going to work and having my dead body found in the parking garage.

I had to wear an extension seat belt when flying, and I couldn’t put the tray down when eating a snack on the plane.  I developed high blood pressure and was taking medication for it. I had abnormal EKGs and heart arrhythmias, and I was too large for many of the medical diagnostic machines. In the summer of 2010,  when I was in my late forties, I was diagnosed with diabetes. I knew it was time to get serious about my health and make the necessary changes. My father died at age 58. He was obese, angry, and diabetic, and I refused to follow in his footsteps.  

I first met Dr. Fuhrman about twenty years ago  and he said to me, “you are going to suffer from a heart attack and die.” I knew he was right. Years later in 2004, I went to his office and he was so sincere and helpful, and I knew he really cared for my health and well-being. He gave me a copy of his book Eat To Live. Unfortunately, I went home and put it on a bookshelf. I didn’t look at it again until 2010  when I was officially diagnosed with diabetes, and started the Nutritarian plan..

I  lost all 215 pounds in less than two years, going from 380 pounds to 165 pounds. My blood pressure has dropped from an average of 150/100  with medication, to 115/70 without medication.  And I no longer have diabetes!

I feel so grateful that my life has been spared and I have my health back.  Eat To Live has literally saved my life and marriage. It feels like I’ve woken up from a life-long coma. I have not had any food cravings for so long that I honestly have forgotten how bad they were.  I go to Zumba and BarreAmped classes weekly, hike, bike, etc. My energy is boundless.



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