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Membership has been the biggest factor in my success. The great recipes and the support of the other members have made all the difference in the world!

 Why Become a Member?
Member Center Still Dr. Fuhrman

When you become a member, you are joining a community that offers something completely different from any other member group on the internet. What makes it unique is not merely the extent of valuable information that is available at your fingertips, but because Dr. Fuhrman's message is unique and the remarkable results available for you are in these details. It is the quality and effectiveness of that information designed to empower you to achieve success in the health and weight loss arena that makes this member site unique.

Dr. Fuhrman does not sugar-coat his message; he has no agendas to bias his well-researched guidance for you. It simply is the best nutrition and medical advice geared for those who want to take charge of their health destiny and eliminate dependency on drugs and medical care.

If you are ready to slim down, reverse your diabetes, lower your cholesterol without drugs, drop your blood pressure and rid yourself of heart disease, get rid of your pain and headaches, or just have Dr. Fuhrman's personal input for all of your present and future health challenges, then this is the place to teach and motivate you how to do it.

As a member of our Dr. Fuhrman family, you will gain supportive services and a world-wide community of online members and friends. You will find the knowledge and tools to assure your success. It could save your life.

We've structured our membership options so you pay only for the features you want. Choose the level that you need to gain maximum control over your health destiny.

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Dr. Fuhrman’s Member Support Center
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Recipes delivered to you daily via email**
Over 1,000 recipes and menus rated and reviewed by other members
Searchable Ask the Doctor forum archives
A library of Healthy Times Newsletters and Position Papers
Member Discussion Forums (view only)
Access to recorded Webinars and Teleconferences
The Health Tracker an easy way to track your progress
Discounts on Dr. Fuhrman products
Active participation in the Member Discussion Forums
Participation in current Webinar Q&As
Active participation in Ask the Doctor Forums
Special offers on Health Getaways, events, and products
Exclusive access to additional Webinars
All of the benefits of Platinum Membership — For Life!
30-minute initial in-office consultation with Dr. Fuhrman
Annual 30-minute in-office consultation with one of the doctors from Dr. Fuhrman’s Medical Associates
Special sales throughout the year available only to Diamond members

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Monthly Plan:
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*All memberships are non transferable and non refundable. All monthly and annual memberships will be automatically renewed for your convenience and billed to the credit card on file. Memberships can be cancelled at any time by contacting customer service.
** Recipes are sent Monday - Friday, excluding holidays.

We reserve the right to change membership benefits, fees and terms at any time for any reason. We also reserve the right to terminate any account at any time for any reason. Please read our full terms of use for additional information.

 Member Testimonials
Ronnie lost 110 lbs in 7 months!
ronnie before after

"Ask the Doctor" is the most valuable part of being a member. What a treasure I found in DrFuhrman.com, it saved my life! To have a doctor of his caliber at our fingertips via "Ask the Doctor" is simply incredible and is by far, the greatest asset in my battle against heart disease. Dr. Fuhrman is really there and cares about the health of not only those fortunate enough to be his patients, but the thousands of us who are his readers and web members.

I would not want anyone to go through what I and my family have had to endure in my struggle before Eat to Live. If you are overweight, have poor health, chronic health disease, diabetes - DON'T WAIT! Start your new life today!!! Eat to Live works, the Member Center works, and the Ask the Doctor forum works. YOU CAN DO IT!!!”

“I have found this resource to be an invaluable tool for monitoring and improving my health. . . the area that is worth the price alone is where any [platinum] member can ask Dr. Fuhrman a question about a specific health issue or any health topic.“
~ Stanley

Brian lost 90 lbs, in a year, from 288 lbs. to 198 lbs...
brian before after ". . . gaining the social support and accountability on Dr. Fuhrman's Member Center helped me lose the weight where I had failed dozens of times before. I can't imagine trying to lose weight any other way!”

“ I love being a member of this online support group. I have enjoyed the recipes and the customized eating plans. The Forums are great. In the member to member forum, I get to chat and ask different members health/fitness related questions and get to know others better.“
~ Lisa

Emily lost 100 pounds and lowered her cholesterol!
Emily before after

"The Member Center is top notch! Receiving feedback from Dr. Fuhrman and gaining encouragement from members has provided invaluable support. I didn't think I had the time for, or would use "computer cyberspace”, but it has been a Godsend of practical help! I have received much insight from the newsletters, tutorials, and teleconferences.

It’s much cheaper than medications, surgeries, frequent visits to doctors' offices, or weight loss meetings; and the investment will greatly maximize and extend the quality and productivity of my life for years to come.

Thank you Dr. Fuhrman, your nutritional wisdom is literally saving my life!”

“ . . . this member center has been such a help to me. Dr. Fuhrman and the members provide guidance, support, and clarification when needed. With the excellent teleconferences, newsletters, forums, and answers to questions on the forums, I am reminded why I eat this way and how I am restoring my health. Now the SAD foods are not even a temptation or desirable. Thank you so much for the website!“
~ Bethany

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