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 The Importance of Vitamin D  
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Should I take Vitamin D2 or Vitamin D3?
There are two forms of supplemental vitamin D, D2 and D3. Learn which one Dr. Fuhrman recommends and why.

Vitamin D May Elevate Mood During the Winter
It’s common to experience some decline in mood during the winter, and this may be in part due to decreased vitamin D levels in the colder months.

Vitamin D Sufficiency May Enhance Athletic Performance
Vitamin D’s primary function is the regulation of calcium transport and metabolism — since calcium transport is an integral part of muscle contraction and relaxation, vitamin D is extremely important for proper muscle function.

Vitamin D recommendations have been raised, but not enough
The Institute of Medicine (IOM) surprised many of us when it announced its new dietary reference intake (DRI) for vitamin D.

Vitamin D: Powerful Cancer Protection
Today, over 800 scientific papers have been published on the relationship between vitamin D and cancers. We now have ample evidence that maintaining adequate vitamin D levels is an effective strategy for protection against cancer.

Vitamin D, the Right Stuff
Vitamin D insufficiency is thought to be a key contributor to many human diseases including several cancers, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, depression, and autoimmune diseases.

Kids Fall Short on Vitamin D
A recent study conducted across the U.S. revealed 7 out of 10 children have dangerously low levels of vitamin D leaving them at risk of heart disease, rickets, and weak bones.

Vitamin D update: Diabetes, Cognitive Decline, Asthma, and Heart Attack
The newest research has found that vitamin D sufficiency is important for preventing type 2 diabetes, cognitive decline, asthma, and cardiovascular disease.

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