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 Dangers of Folic Acid  
supplement image The Dangers of Folic Acid in Multivitamins and Prenatal Vitamins
Folic acid supplementation is dangerous for everyone, but especially pregnant women. Women who take supplemental folic acid increase their breast cancer risk by 20-30%, according to a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Folic-Acid Fortification of Flour and Increased Rates of Colon Cancer
Data from Chile show that there has been an increase in the rate of colorectal cancer since 2000, when the government introduced a mandatory program of fortification of wheat flour. A similar increase was reported in the United States and Canada in the late 1990s.

Folic Acid Linked to Elevated Prostate Cancer Risk
Daily folic acid supplementation may increase the risk of prostate cancer, a secondary analysis of a randomized trial revealed.

Folate in Early Pregnancy Linked to Slightly Raised Risk of Respiratory Ills in Infants
Offspring of mothers who use folate supplements during their first trimester appear to have a slightly higher incidence of wheeze and lower respiratory tract infections up to 18 months of age

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