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Real Life Success Stories
Eat To Live participants share their success stories….
 Success Stories

Patients and individuals who follow the Eat To Live program frequently write to Dr. Fuhrman with their success stories. These are the struggles that they have had on other diets and their success stories on Eat To Live: significant weight loss, diabetic cures, lower cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure, arthritis and freedom from medications. Quite simply, people get well once they follow a healthy lifestyle and Eat To Live.

Richard Patito Lost: 65 lbs

I thank my daughter Geri for insisting I go see Dr. Fuhrman. She said if anyone can help you it’s him.

Well, she was right. After 25 years of taking insulin, I was off it completely in a few days.

I was a great patient and did exactly as Dr. Fuhrman said, and it was well worth it.

After losing 65 pounds, I have been medication free for two years. I owe it all to him!

Rhonda Wilson Lost: 50 lbs

I weighed 184 pounds when I first came to see Dr. Fuhrman in 1997.

I had extremely high blood pressure, and it would not come down despite taking two strong blood pressure medications.

I followed Dr. Fuhrman’s advice, and within one year I had lost about 50 pounds and my blood pressure normalized. No medications!

Dr. Fuhrman’s nutritional program saved my life, and what I learned was invaluable for my future well-being.


Stuart Fisher Lost 65 lbs

I had a heart attack at age 40 and weighed 225 pounds at the time.

My father died of a heart attack at the age of 49.

Luckily, I found out about Dr. Fuhrman in time. Under his care I have lost 65 pounds and now stay at about 160, but more importantly my blood pressure and other heart disease parameters have normalized.

What I have learned from him has enabled me to live a normal life free of heart disease. I feel terrific.

A few of Dr. Fuhrman's patients and Eat To Live participants share their health and diet success stories….

Joe's cholesterol levels are a success he should definitely be proud of: he earned it.

Dear Dr. Fuhrman,

My name is Joe, and I am one happy 68 year old. I have generally enjoyed relatively good health over the years. However, I have struggled with high blood pressure 160/105 and high cholesterol 275 for many years. My cardiologist visit last October resulted in him wanting to increase my Lipitor from 10mg./day to 20mg./day. Instead, I told him that I had recently bought your tape and book, Eat to Live, and that I was going to make a major diet change by follow your recommendations, which I have been doing since Nov. 2002 with spectacular results.

I saw my cardiologist yesterday with the following blood work results: Total Cholesterol 148, HDL 62, Ratio 2.4, Triglycerides 85 and LDL 69. While my weight has been constant since high school at 235 lbs. and 6 '6'' tall, I currently weigh 211 lbs. and feel the best that I have in a long time. I told him that my goal was to eventually go off all medication. He said that was very possible. My wife and I cook most days in a crock pot. Yes, we make a lot of soups with collard greens, mustard greens, spinach, beans, etc. I tell everyone that will listen that there is no "free lunch" and that you have to stay focused and committed. My cardiologist, Dr. .... , of Fairfield, CT said that I made a remarkable turnaround and should be proud of myself, which I am. I brought a copy of your book with me. He said that he had heard of your program and copied your web address because he was planning on reading your book. I want to thank you for my greatly improved health. I would be willing to talk to any of your patients to help give them the support and encouragement they need to stay with the program. It works where all other diets fail.

Sincerely yours,
Joseph Fairfield, CT


With a weight loss of 11 pounds in week 1, Marilyn is off to a great start on Eat To Live.

Dear Dr. Fuhrman,

I just wanted to thank you for getting back to me so quickly. Also, I wanted to let you know that I have been on your diet for a full week now and have lost 11 pounds. I couldn't believe it this morning when I stepped on the scales. I hugged myself. It's been hard this first week to stop the junk food. I miss it. My husband will sit and eat it while watching TV, and the crunch makes me want it. So, I've rediscovered celery sticks and carrots. I believe what you say about our diet making us well again. At 50, I have only had a few health problems. I have high cholesterol and am on meds for it, but I hope to stop them when I go for my next blood tests. Also, I had my gall bladder removed 10 years ago. Both parents had that done also. I was told it was hereditary. I don't know. Anyway, I'm so glad that I discovered your book and diet. Thanks to the magazine, First, where I first read about your ideas. Keep up your great work!



After Eat To Live, no more dieting for Isabel

Dear Dr. Fuhrman,

I'm sure you receive lots of e-mails, letters and handshakes accompanied with many thanks. I would just like to add to that count while telling you some details. Not only have you helping me lose weight, but you have helped me avoid depression. I hated myself, and I'm slowly liking myself more and more....thanks to you. In December of 2002, I was tired, unhappy and very mad at myself for continuously failing at losing weight and keeping it off. I am 31 and have had weight issues for as long as I can remember.

I have tried almost everything out there. To name a few diets I've tried: Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Slimfast, Reliv, Herbalife, The cabbage soup diet, those infamous hospital diets, The Zone, The Susan Powter high carb diet, Deal a Meal, The Hollywood diet, No carb/protein and vegetable diet, One day on/one day off, and food combining. I'm sure there are more, but these are only the ones I remember.

When I was 17, I lost about 40 lbs and wore a bikini for the first time in my life. I was so happy. Needless to say, marriage, having children and running to food when the stresses of life caught up with me or celebrating with food when I was happy, resulted in me weighing a little over 200 lbs. I'm only 5ft tall, and I weighed almost the same as my husband and more than my father!! Each time I tried to lose weight, I'd reach half way and ruin everything. Once again, I hated myself and hated the task of leaving home and facing people. I would have locked myself in my house if I could have. I was tired of people making fun of me, the stares from others and the lack of self esteem.

I came across information about you from another website and looked up your books on a booksite. I was happy to see that you had two books and read both. I thought that I needed a fresh start and something to kick start me onto a new way of living. I was interested in your book, Eat to Live, which was about to be printed, so I bought it and your fasting book. I started reading the fasting book and started a fruit and vegetable fast on January 4th. A few days later, I received Eat to Live, and I was so impressed by it that I could not put it down. I really appreciate the proof you provide to stand behind what you have written. I quickly read it and immediately started your 6 week plan a week after having started my fruit and vegetable fast. I found everything so easy to follow and couldn't stop telling friends and family about it. I know of two people who have already purchased your book. I have been following the 6 week plan, and as of yesterday (Feb. 18), I have lost 19 lbs. I am overjoyed.

This has been the easiest lifestyle change that I have ever made. I am rarely hungry. The recipes in your book are very tasty, and I have discovered many other vegan, lowfat recipes that have helped me along the way. Even my husband is starting to want to eat the food I make for my lunches instead of his regular fare. Okay, I'm sure this little novella is more than enough to get my point across, but I just want to thank you for choosing to focus on this aspect of health and thank you for your book. My goal is to lose 60 lbs, and if I still pinch more than an inch, then I will keep going. I am much happier and vibrant. I'm looking forward to reaching my goal and quite possibly never having to diet again....especially since I don't consider this a diet!



Susan took control of her health and family medical history

Dear Dr. Furhman,

I learned about your work through the vegesource website. In brief, I am 41 years old and have had cholesterol levels in the low 200's for most of my adult life. My father died at the age of 40 (I had just turned 5) of a massive heart attack, and my mother has had claudification in her legs and back which has been resolved through angioplasty. With such a family history, I have been afraid that I would also suffer a premature death and leave my husband and 6 year old son well before it was time. I started the Eat to Live plan on May 15th and had a cholesterol screening test done on May 21st where the total cholesterol was 212. Because the level was above 212, I was offered a fasting cholesterol test which was done on June 4th.

Last week, I found out that my total cholesterol was 175 (HDL, 48; LDL 113; triglycerides 72). The nurse was impressed and asked me what I was doing differently, since all of my other cholesterol readings in my employee medical records were of course much higher. Thirty seven points in two weeks is terrific! I still have a ways to go, as I haven't lost all of the weight I need to lose (currently 162 at 5' 7" after starting out at 175), so these results are even more astonishing!

Luckily, I like to exercise, and it is easier and easier with higher quality fuel. Also, I have been plagued with food cravings (for refined carbs etc.) for several years, and these have vanished. I love eating this way, and it has not been too hard of a switch. Primarily, I have been eating a higher starch vegan diet, but I still had the cravings!. I am afraid I don't really like to post on bulletin board forums as I am a very private person, so I am glad that I was able to find your email address on your web site which I joined this week. I am sure that you get letters like this all the time, but I wanted to let you know that I am no longer haunted by the fear that one day history will repeat itself and that my precious family will witness my death from a heart attack as happened to me when I was a small child.

Sincerely, Susan


For Lisa, Eat To Live has been part of her incredible journey to health

Dear Dr. Fuhrman,

In the spring of 1999, I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I had written to you asking for advice about fasting after having read your first book on fasting. Not only did I fast, I also then changed my diet from a heavy duty cheese and chicken diet to a Dr. Fuhrman inspired Eat To Live diet. I went back to school, and I am now a nutrition consultant in Vancouver. Last weekend, I came in 1st in my age division (50 to 59) in a triathlon held here at UBC in Vancouver, British Columbia . Bye-bye CFS!! I had ordered a copy of your book from the National Health Association, and it arrived yesterday. It was absolutely soaked, with many apologies from the USA customs. I proceeded to dry it slowly in the oven, and I have been peeling it page by page and really enjoying it. It was well cooked! I wanted to thank you for such concise and interesting information and for being in part responsible for an incredible journey

Yours truly
Vancouver, Canada


Feather is committed to a healthy lifestyle

Dear Dr. Fuhrman,

I just read Eat to Live. I was totally moved by the book and recommitted to this way of healthy eating. I actually read Diet for a New America about 12 years ago, and my healthy eating began then. About 1 1/2 years ago, I was in the middle of fertility issues doing everything I could to get pregnant (age 39). All around me I was being told to gain weight and eat fat. I was told that I didn't have enough body fat, and women need fat to carry babies. I am 5 ft. and weighed 102 lbs. My life has been committed to eating healthy with the intention of avoiding heart disease and all the other diseases Americans have. At the time, I would do anything to get pregnant. So for a year, I ate things that were never a part of my regular diet like feta cheese, butter, cookies, wheat, pasta, etc. I went from fruits and veggies to all kinds of (yummy fun unhealthy) fat foods (still no meat or dairy except feta cheese). I continued to eat all my healthy foods, just added in the fat foods too. Needless to say I gained about 10 lbs. and never got pregnant. It was an age issue not a fat issue.

I've been trying to lose the weight, and at 41 it has been much harder, especially after being introduced to butter and cookies. My sister gave me your book, and I was recommitted immediately.

I am somewhat of an evangelist when I believe in something, and here is the point of this e-mail. I had surgery last Friday to remove a bulging varicose vein on the back of my leg that I have had since I was 15. I had some anesthesia for the surgery, and when I awoke in the recovery room, I was giving a sermon to the surgeon, operating nurse and recovery nurse about the importance of veggies and fruits, raw nuts and everything which I just read in your book. I was urging them all to get it and read it. The surgeon was telling me that the one bad food he eats is 3 cheese burgers every Saturday night. It is his treat. I was so uninhibited from the anesthesia that I was telling him his risk of heart attack. The recovery nurse said she had chicken and a cookie for lunch, and the operating nurse had a coffee in her hand for her lunch. I was lecturing them all about the importance of their diets and the importance of them being role models for others as medical professionals, again urging them to eat more vegetables and to read Eat to Live. I vaguely remember saying all of this, but I know that I did.

Yesterday, I went in for my post-op appointment, and my doctor told me all that he had learned from me about nutrition in those few moments in recovery. He went home that night and bought Eat to Live. I was amazed. I have another appointment with him in 2 weeks, and I'll see if he is still eating 3 cheeseburgers every Saturday night as his treat.

Gratefully, Feather


Deb understands food's power for natural healing

Dr. Fuhrman,

I wanted to connect with you. However, I am not sure this is the correct place to do this. I have been traveling since I last saw you in your office on April 7th. I can't even begin to tell you all the things that have been happening to my body since I left your office! Food truly is medicine, and the right combinations really have a tangible effect!

I must admit the first five days of being on this diet was extremely difficult and emotional for me. I was working in Wisconsin, and I can't believe how self-absorbed I was. I couldn't concentrate on anything outside of my own realm. Also, I found preparing and making my own food was isolating. I ate alone which afforded me plenty of time to think of all the changes I was making to aide in my own health. I completely understand why God gave me Discoid Lupus. I am a person who does for everyone at my own expense. I am now forced to address myself and my needs first. I found in eating this way that I cannot rush the preparing or the ingesting. I see this as God's way of slowing me down and forcing me to appreciate so much that I just took for granted.

I had a pretty big reaction after being on this 6 day diet. On the 5th night of the diet, I awoke in the middle of the night. I felt as if I had a sun burn on the inside of my body. By morning, I felt as if my skin was jumping right out of my body. It was scary. I found one of the things that helped me was to have my skin rubbed. Ironic, since I am a massage therapist who massages everyone, but rarely do I receive a massage. These symptoms lasted for about 3 days. This seems to be the most uncomfortable time I had in curing discoid lupus. I found that once the "sunburn" feeling and jumping skin subsided, I felt an acheness in my body, like I had the flu, off and on. I felt this reaction very soon after taking my flax seed. I have currently started the third week of my treatment. My skin is completely clear. I did not even use the ointment you prescribed. I feel extremely healthy, and for the most part, all of my symptoms have subsided. I was in the sun all day yesterday at Universal Studios. I wore a hat and 45 sun screen. In the evening my skin was slightly "itchy", but it didn't disturb my sleep (no rashes occurred as a result of this).

I cannot tell you how many times a day I bless you Dr. Fuhrman. I feel a "shift" in so much of the way I view my life. Many changes are occurring within my mind, body and spirit. I believe that God places certain circumstances in people's lives to "wake them up to living." My call came in the form of discoid lupus. I am grateful to have you as my doctor, living right in my own town. You are a treasure, and when more people learn of your successful recoveries, you will touch so much of humanity. If your health is paramount to your life, eating this way will keep you at the optimal level of living life to its fullest. Thanks so much for putting me on this path.

I am looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks.


Cecilia has an amazing weight loss success story to share

Dear Dr. Fuhrman,

I want to thank you for writing your outstanding and revolutionary book, Eat to Live. I have lost 25 lbs since I started the program and look forward to obtaining my ideal weight by this Fall/Winter. I have another 25 lbs to go. I can't recall when was the last time I weighed 130 lbs (I'm 5'2"). I look so much better and feel great! I can now wear tank tops and feel sexy doing so.

I have shared your message with all who will listen, and those who have been receptive have also started to benefit greatly and are sharing it with their families and friends. I feel that there is a "silent" revolution taking place in some very lucky people's homes, and I am so grateful that my mom shared your video with me back in March of this year. I often tell her it was the best gift a mother could ever give a daughter!...and it is!!!

I recently went to Florida to visit (I live in NC) and started reading my mom's copy of the book with my 12 year old niece, who is now reading it while she is off for the summer. Every time I plant a Dr. Fuhrman seed in someone's head, it is like spreading hope for a brighter future, and I am very proud of doing so!!!

I cannot fully thank you for what you have made available to the public, for words fall so short. Please know that there is one more person out there in the world who treasures the information you have provided us...keep it coming!!!



Jamie's medical problems are history

Dear Dr. Fuhrman,

The changes that started on the third day of the new diet keeps on going every day. Thank you! Thank You! Thank you! My bowels emptied and dumped, and to my disbelief the gas is gone. The heartburn has not occurred again. I feel cleaner and cleaner, and my anxiety level is in control. You have made more improvements in my health than 6 years worth of doctors/specialists have even begin to touch. I am getting better instead of deteriorating for the first time in 6 years. I have discontinued the insulin as per your instructions, and I have seen sugar readings below 120. A first for me! In the past they usually were over 300, and that was with insulin! My skin stopped itching, and coincidentally or not, I've not had a seizure in the last two months.

With great respect and appreciation,

Marnie lost 60 pounds and is free of pain

Dear Dr. Fuhrman,

Two years ago, I started getting a lot of pain in my right wrist, and no one knew why. I had been to eight doctors and I thought that there was no hope for me until I found you. I had been on heavy medication, such as Methotrexate, Oruvail, Voltaren and Prednisone. I had an MRI, many x-rays and a bone scan to try to find out what was wrong. I was given the diagnosis of psoriatic arthritis. Each drug had a different side effect, and even with all of this, I was still not getting better. In just a few short months, your nutritional program not only eliminate the pain in my wrist, but my blood pressure went down. I lost 60 pounds and have remained healthy. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me. I have kept the weight off and the pain away, and I feel great. I owe it all to you! I can't thank you enough.

Respectfully yours,

Winona has completely recovered from lupus

Dear Dr. Fuhrman,

As you know when I first came to see you for my lupus I was on Plaquinal, Prozac, Entex and Advair and still felt lousy. I had muscle and joint pain, fatigue, sore throat, headaches, shortness of breath and had recurrent episodes where I could not speak or move. Within two weeks of your nutritional program, I saw substantial improvements. I was able to stop the Plaquinal within the first month and all the other medications within three months. I am thrilled to report back to you that I have had a complete recovery. I no longer have sinus congestion, breathing problems, sores on my scalp and pain all over my body, and I am enjoying the delicious and healthy diet you designed for me. I don't know how I could ever repay you for what you have done for me.

God bless you,


David lost 13 pounds in 7 days, and his high blood pressure is coming down. Best of all, this is a workable plan that he can live with

Dr Fuhrman,

In mid-May of this year I came across your website while surfing the Web for health related sites. I ordered both of your books and read them. On June 1st I started on your 6 week plan. I am 57 years old. At he beginning of your diet I weighed 328 lbs, and my blood pressure was 160/113. On the third morning after beginning your 6 week plan, I looked at my feet, and for the first time in years, there was NO SWELLING!. I weighed myself again after 7 days, and my weight was 315, a 13 pound loss in 7 days. After 10 days I took my blood pressure again, and it registered 146/102. It's still high, but it's coming down. Tonight I ordered your two supplements, and I will get some flax seeds tomorrow. The only additions I have made to your recommended diet is to add a couple tsp of organic, raw apple cider vinegar every day, 1 tbls of unsulphured blackstrap molasses with at least on clove of raw garlic chopped up in my beans or salad.

Thanks for a workable plan that will not only reduce weight and restore health, but one which I can live for the rest of my life.

David Houston, TX


Read all of the great news that Gary has to share: weight loss success, no arthritis pain and nutritional success for psoriasis

Dr. Fuhrman,

You asked that I report back after two months, concerning my psoriatic arthritis. In May, you kindly responded to my e-mail asking whether your nutritional treatment for psoriatic arthritis is the same as for psoriasis. I bought your book for weight loss, having read the Economist review, and feel like I hit the jackpot. Here's the good news. After 11 weeks on Eat to Live of which the last nine I have daily 2 tablespoons of ground flaxseed, 600 mg of DHA and 3 of your multi's to get 600 IU of vitamin D, I have no arthritis pain, reduced the methotrexate from 5 pills per week, to 4 to 3, lost over 50 pounds, and for six weeks now, quit using tar shampoo for psoriasis (first time since age 13 or 14). Awesome! Thanks so unbelievably much.

While I am paid member of the website and have bought three copies of your book so far (one for me, one used by my wife and son for recipes, and one for my arthritis doctor), I am happy to pay more. Let me know if there is a bill you want to charge for this great, great advice. I know of two other people who for sure have bought your book on my recommendation (each of whom asked how I lost the weight), and some others may have well. I vacationed last weekend in Steamboat Springs, Colorado and visited a health food store that had a nice library of books for sale, but not yours. So I gave them your name and told them about your website where they could buy a batch of the books for a discount. At age 57 and with about 35 pounds more to lose to meet your suggestion for weight for a guy 5' 9", I am in awe. The lowest I ever weighed before was 153 at the end of Marine Corps boot camp.

I am going to see the arthritis doctor again in three weeks, and if all is well, my guess is that we will drop the methotrexate and thereafter begin to taper off on the Celebrex and azulphadine. I have been on methotrexate for 18 months, after being unable to control the arthritis with just Celebrex and azulphadine. My arthritis doctor is a pretty respected Beverly Hills doctor (I work and live in LA, not too far from Beverly Hills). I asked him six weeks ago about the relationship of psoriatic arthritis and food.
He replied, "There is absolutely no science behind those rumors."
"None?", I asked.
"Well", he replied, "there was once a study in Norway where they locked people with rheumatoid arthritis in a hotel and starved them."
"What happened to them?", I asked.
"They lost a lot of weight", he said.
"And what about the arthritis?", I inquired.
"It got better", he said. So, last week, I gave him a copy of your book (with the pages on arthritis flagged) and each of the articles (or abstracts) referenced in the footnotes to your book about arthritis, which I obtained on the Internet. I also wrote him an account of my diet. He promised to read the material and discuss it with me next month. He claimed he learns a lot from patients -- but I have my doubts.

Thanks again


Cancer is a serious disease, and Irene is reversing the progression of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.

Dear Dr. Fuhrman,

I am forever indebted to my sister for encouraging me to see you. Your recommendations and the brilliant education, that you have given me since I contacted you four months ago when I was diagnosed with grade 2, stage 4, non-hodgkins lymphoma, have helped me to miraculously begin reversing the progress of the disease with no medical intervention whatsoever! You have masterminded my recovery, and I owe my happiness to you. You can imagine that I feel wonderful because the CAT scan that I took last week at Sloan Kettering Memorial Hospital showed no tumors except the small original one which has shrunk in size. In addition, having dropped over 40 pounds in this period of time, I am also feeling extremely energetic and healthier in many ways as the toxic substances continue to leave my body and as I build a protective environment within. It is no wonder that all of my vital readings indicate that I am in terrific shape, from my cholesterol, to my blood pressure, to my chemical make-up. At 58 years old, that's quite nice to know. It is also great to be slim and agile. Obviously, I will continue to follow the special diet that you designed for me. I will also e-mail you the results of these recent tests that were administered in the next week, I will contact you in the coming weeks. Once again, THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Sincerely, Irene

Toni, with an autoimmune disorder, is adopting a healthy lifestyle. Toni's weight loss success of 25 pounds in 6 weeks and lower blood pressure is quite a start.

Dr. Fuhrman,

I just wanted to thank you for your book. About 5 months ago, I was given your book by my Sunday school teacher. He was doing a six week class on the Bible and what it had to say about what we should eat. After reading your book, I began your six week eating plan. It has completely changed my life. It literally gave me my life back. I have lost 25 pounds, and my blood pressure has dropped from 140/90 to 112/74. Last year I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder called erythema nordosum. (nodules on my legs) Since changing my eating lifestyle, there is only one nodule left. Hopefully the natural color of my skin will return also. I am continuing the new eating habits. Hopefully, soon my doctor will discontinue the blood pressure medication and the medicine for the erythema nordosum.

Thank you, again Toni

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