How to Prevent Breast Cancer

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Harness the power of nutrition in the fight against breast cancer.

This three-part video collection delivers critical life-saving information every person needs to know to conquer breast cancer and most other cancers.

Runtime: 3.5 hours


Dr. Fuhrman presents life-saving nutritional strategies for protection against breast cancer and its recurrence if you already had breast cancer. Much of the information presented can be used to fight all types of cancer including prostate, colon, and skin cancer.

Advances in nutritional science have demonstrated the powerful effects a Nutritarian diet has not only in reducing the risk of breast cancer but also in offering dramatic benefits for those with breast cancer.

Dr. Fuhrman delivers two scientifically based lectures and concludes in a third segment with answers to commonly asked questions.

Enjoy these three educational videos on demand (approximately 80 minutes each), where you can watch at your convenience from anywhere you have an internet connection. Pause, take notes, and review all of the key concepts to reinforce your understanding.

These additional materials are included:

  • a comprehensive list of the referenced scientific articles
  • a printable recipe booklet


  • Winning the War on Breast Cancer
  • Diagnostic Tests, Supplements and Recipes
  • Questions and Answers

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