Eat for Life- Art of Living Retreat Center

November 4–7, 2021
Art of Living Retreat Center in Boone, NC

Eat for Life

Where: The Art of Living Retreat Center Boone, NC

When: November 4-7, 2021

Live Longer, Live Better

Recent advances in nutritional science show how diets can slow aging and push the envelope of human longevity. This interactive seminar with Dr. Joel Fuhrman explores this new research in detail and gives you both information and actionable techniques for using food to improve your own health or the health of your clients.

Through lectures, Q&A and discussion, you’ll learn

  • How the application of new nutritional science can prevent disease
  • How to resolve food addiction and emotional eating in order to maintain a healthy weight, and a healthy relationship with food, forever
  • The workings of the therapeutic aspects of lifestyle medicine and their role in reversing disease
  • How to implement a nutritarian eating style, which is designed to optimize healthy life expectancy.

You will go home with the information and motivation needed to enjoy eating healthy food—and the knowledge you need to make that food taste fantastic.

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