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Weight Loss
Sheryl S. lost 10 pounds after her first 4 days on the diet; she is confident she will lose more;  as as a nurse  she wonders why she was never taught the information she learned from Eat to Live
My partner John and myself just began Eat to Live six days ago.  We cleaned all of the inappropriate food items from our kitchen and made a… read more
Katie H: Mary H., lost 9 pounds and her husband lost 15 pounds just nine days into their weight loss journey; committed to good health, the couple enjoy preparing  healthy meals together
My husband heard Dr. Fuhrman being interviewed on the radio.  He looked down at his bulging belly and the cheeseburger he was eating and said to… read more
Donna B. lost 8 pounds and her cholesterol went from 225 to 177 in 2-1/2 months
At 117 pounds my total cholesterol  was 225, so I immediately started eating like a Nutritarian. Two and a half months later my cholesterol is… read more
heathandme: This young lady conquered her ADD problem and no longer needs medication, nor does she need a daily nap, no longer is depressed and now has a positive outlook on life
I was really depressed all the time before I started being a vegan, I didnt want to go to school or talk to anybody. I have really bad ADD, and… read more
adrbagwell: Adrbagwell says "Dr. Fuhrman has given us the answer to all the devastating diseases we all want to avoid. All we have to do is stop being lazy and take responsible for our health and that of our family."
I started Eat To Live after trying Atkins and literally feeling like I was starving and always constipated.  Within a few days of starting Eat To… read more
Dean N: Constantine N; lost 7 pounds, and best of al,l he is amazed  and excited  that his lipid numbers went from bad to good in just 24 days, he and his wife were so excited they cried
There is a history of heart disease and cancer in my family. My father died from a heart attack at age 49 and my mother from cancer at 63. As a… read more
Randy J:  Randy J.  was plagued by oily skin and unsightly acne; after two weeks on the diet his skin cleared up completely; he just wishes he knew sooner that eating healthfully was the answer
I have tried everything to get rid of the oily skin on my face. I even had two accutane treatments in the last  five years which helped for a year… read more
Jean S. was prediabetic, her cholesterol and triglycerides were problematic; three weeks into her nutritarian diet she no longer is at risk of developing diabetes or has high cholesterol or triglycerides
Even though I was not much overweight, I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes due to a family history. My cholestrol and triglycerides were in the… read more
melissa: Melissa C. is just starting on her  weight loss  journey; she realizes her life and health are in her hands and is fully committed to making a lifestyle change
I am 31 years old and just began your program yesterday. I weigh 222 pounds and I am 5ft 6in.I, like many of your patients, have tried it all, and… read more
Chris S. joined the Six Week Challenge and went from depressed, exhausted, sick, overweight and miserable to happy, energetic and  having a 4-pack in a year
 I was part of a Six Week Holiday Challenge contest. I went from depressed, exhausted, sick, overweight and miserable to happy, energetic and a… read more
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