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Paula Q. lost 17 pounds and is amazed how committed she is to only putting healthy food in her body
I am amazed are how committed I am to putting only healthy foods into my body and the weight just fell off very quickly.  Thank you, Dr. Fuhrman… read more
Jackies lost 16 pounds in 4 weeks and is  amazed, she says this is unheard of for her as she has  always been fighting a weight issue
I am on thyroid medication and fight weight issues all the time.  I purchased  three of Dr. Fuhrman's books, and am following them very closely.… read more
John R. lost 16 pounds; lowered his cholesterol in 3 weeks; at John's age (46) his father  had his first heart attack;  believes his healthy lifestyle will give him the decades his father didn't have
I tested my cholesterol and weighed myself after about three weeks on Dr. Fuhrman's plan. I lost sixteen  pounds and my cholesterol numbers are… read more
melissa: Melissa C. lost  16 pounds after just four weeks on the diet, her skin looks great and she is sleeping like a baby
I am about to start my  fourth week on Eat To Live and wow! I have lost  sixteen pounds so far and cannot believe it. The first few days were… read more
Averill lost 15 pounds; no longer is out of breath after climbing stairs; significantly lowered his bad cholesterol levels and believes he will not follow in his family's history of bad health
I am a  53 year old male. About a year ago I had a renal infarct, I was later diagnosed with a Protein S deficiency.  My hematologist has put me… read more
Carol went on the program with her daughter and lost 15 pounds in six weeks; her cholesterol is almost within the normal range; she says she feels so much better
I live in California and in November  2012 my doctor requested routine lab work done.  The results showed that my cholesterol was high and the… read more
Dee N. lost 15 of the pounds in two weeks that she packed on following a hysterectomy; is continuing to lose and is looking forward to having the body she should have
I had a hysterectomy in 2005 and  kept puting on weight.  I was up to 215 pounds in Dec 2009.  I had been to several nutritionists, but had no… read more
Diane lost l5 pounds and is happy to be back to her pre-pregnancy weight;; is down two pants sizes
I was given the book Eat For Health and gradually started to read and make a small change to my eating habits.  One morning while reading it, I… read more
Julie B.  lost fifteen pounds and is winning the battle to lose more weight;  despite a family reunion setback she is back on track
At  age 60, I was literally dying to lose weight when I found Eat To Live. Over the years I had tried everything, but weighed more than ever.  I… read more
Kathleen  is  very happy to have conceived her son after following the nutritional advice she received from Dr. Fuhrman's associate Dr. Benson; now her whole family are nutritarians
My husband and I had tried for nearly two years to have a second child without success. We already had a beautiful daughter named Charlotte.  My… read more
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