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Ron lost 11 pounds; his clothes fit better and people have noticed his weight loss; he is confident of preventing diabetic complications; no longer has late night cravings
I started the six  week plan when I couldn't stop eating late at night because of cravings.  I found the recipes in the Eat to Live book easy to… read more
Angie: Andrea C. lost 10 pounds in two weeks and is continuing to lose a pound a day; and feels much better
The difference in the way I am feeling now is incredible. My last two weeks have been amazing. I have been looking for help. I don't have medical… read more
Anne became a healthy vegan because she was sick and tired of taking blood pressure medication which were not working. Three months later her pressure was normal without meds
I was on a medication for high blood pressure and it was making me literally sick and tired. I was suffering from depression and total insomnia… read more
Coda  lost 10 pounds and three inches on her  thighs in this six weeks; she learned her muscle cramps flair up whenever she cheats on the diet
Today I celebrate six weeks of being a Nutritarian.  It has been quite a ride.  It is just like dropping out when I was a hippie.  Thanks to… read more
Elizabeth C:  Elizabeth C. lost 10 pounds; her actual reason to go on the program  was to be healthier. Never did  she expect that  her  life long crippling mentstrual symptoms would virtually disappear.
Ever since I had my very first period at the age of 14, the pain (and accompanying symptoms) were so agonizing it was borderline traumatic. The… read more
Katie H: Mary H., lost 9 pounds and her husband lost 15 pounds just nine days into their weight loss journey; committed to good health, the couple enjoy preparing  healthy meals together
My husband heard Dr. Fuhrman being interviewed on the radio.  He looked down at his bulging belly and the cheeseburger he was eating and said to… read more
adrbagwell: Adrbagwell says "Dr. Fuhrman has given us the answer to all the devastating diseases we all want to avoid. All we have to do is stop being lazy and take responsible for our health and that of our family."
I started Eat To Live after trying Atkins and literally feeling like I was starving and always constipated.  Within a few days of starting Eat To… read more
Randy J:  Randy J.  was plagued by oily skin and unsightly acne; after two weeks on the diet his skin cleared up completely; he just wishes he knew sooner that eating healthfully was the answer
I have tried everything to get rid of the oily skin on my face. I even had two accutane treatments in the last  five years which helped for a year… read more
Jean S. was prediabetic, her cholesterol and triglycerides were problematic; three weeks into her nutritarian diet she no longer is at risk of developing diabetes or has high cholesterol or triglycerides
Even though I was not much overweight, I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes due to a family history. My cholestrol and triglycerides were in the… read more
Sheryl suffered pain for years from debilitating MS, RA, and Lupus; now on her  plant-based diet she is  pain free, her hands and joints are normal without medication or treatment
I have Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus. I was diagnosed with MS in 2006.  My initial treatments were Copaxone injections every… read more
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