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Meet Julia S.
Julia S. lost 105 pounds after having three heart attacks within three months and five angioplasties in a three-year period;  believes without  Dr.Fuhrman's program she would not be alive
After three heart attacks within three months of each other and five angioplasties in a three-year period, I was still very ill. I almost died… read more
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Heart Disease
louchouarne: Marc lost 15 pound and is still losing; he became a vegetarian after learning he had 50 percent kidney function and within a few weeks he saw major  positive changes in his blood pressure
In April 2012 I was diagnosed with fifty percent kidney function. At that point  I decided to take action. Cut all dairy products and meat, salt,… read more
Marland M lost 10 pounds and 3 inches off his waist and improved his cholesterol levels
I would like to thank you Eat To Live and the dedication involved in helping people like me to prevent diseases of the body.   I am an example of… read more
Sheryl S. lost 10 pounds after her first 4 days on the diet; she is confident she will lose more;  as as a nurse  she wonders why she was never taught the information she learned from Eat to Live
My partner John and myself just began Eat to Live six days ago.  We cleaned all of the inappropriate food items from our kitchen and made a… read more
David M. says, "I haven't been sick in the last six years of being a vegan and I feel stronger and healthier every day that I follow this lifestyle."
When I was 18 I felt miserable all the time. I had trouble sleeping and suffered from depression. This depression stopped me from living my life… read more
Claudia experienced fantastic success on Eat to Live!
I'm in a good mood today because I just got the results back from my latest blood test, and it just keeps getting better and better, so I wanted… read more
Lana saw a decrease in her blood pressure and is thankful to Dr. Fuhrman and the online members for their support!
I saw my doctor yesterday. She had some results from recent blood work and she also took my blood pressure.
Mike S. is grateful for the information he learned and the results of his blood tests!
Dear Dr. Fuhrman,

I recently had some heart issues and the result was two stents being inserted in one artery. I'm sure you get these emails… read more
Teresa  no longer has headaches; says eating out at a restaurant has become more of a pain rather than a treat; she is committed to the diet to have a healthier, happier life now and in the future
My story is probably unlike the majority of people that have accepted and taken on the Eat To Live lifestyle.  For many, their goal is to lose… read more
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