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Meet Julia S.
Julia S. lost 105 pounds after having three heart attacks within three months and five angioplasties in a three-year period;  believes without  Dr.Fuhrman's program she would not be alive
After three heart attacks within three months of each other and five angioplasties in a three-year period, I was still very ill. I almost died… read more
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Heart Disease
Fred H.  lost 35 pounds and no longer takes medication for A-fib and cholesterol; says he feels great, is thinking much clearer,  and totally believes in his new life style change
Inspired by Dr. Fuhrman's program, I start each morning with berries, unsweetened almond milk, I have a blended salad at noon with legumes and… read more
LILY: Lily lost 35 pounds; she was taking 6 medications after having open heart surgery; now she is medication free
On April 18th  2010 my sister called to tell me about  Eat To Live.  I sat and listened to how happy she was to find this book. She convinced me… read more
Phil G lost 32 pounds; his  blood pressure in normal and he no longer needs  cholesterol medication; his energy level is the highest it has been in years
I read Eat to Live by coincidence. Just picked it up off the book shelf. I am 60 and I had been on a beta blocker for 15 years. In the last… read more
Amie lost 10 pounds, her husband lost 20 pounds; the couple were denied life insurance due to medical issues; after going on the program both were approved; says program saved their lives
My husband  is 45 years old and I am 35. We started the program six months ago.  He was rejected for life insurance two years ago because of  high… read more
James lost  30 pounds and is on the road to losing more; his doctor cut his blood pressure medication; he  buys Eat to Live to give to family members and friends
I had caught a glimpse of Dr. Fuhrman on the Dr. Oz show, but missed everything but the G-BOMBS word.  I thought about it, but couldn’t remember… read more
Phyllis lost 30 pounds; after being a diabetic for 27 years, having renal and heart failure, and two strokes which caused her to almost die, she is now thrilled to be on the road to recovery
In 2010 I was hospitalized with acute renal failure.  I had gained over 100 pounds in water weight. I  had congestive heart failure along with the… read more
Bob C. lost 24 pounds and is still losing; he is off cholesterol medication and his blood pressure is normal; he wishes he had known about the Eat To Live diet earlier in his life
I was about thirty-five pounds overweight. My cholesterol had been over 200 for at least 20 years. I had angioplasty in 1998 and had my right… read more
Frank lost 22 pounds; after suffering from diabetes for10 years he had a heart attack;  now his diabetes numbers are getting better and better;  lowered his cholesterol
I  have had diabetes for ten years. Initially, I was determined and controlled it well, but, over the years, slipped back to old habits. Then, in… read more
Mike F.  lost 20 pounds; his intent going on the program was to avoid a heart attack which took his father's life at an early age; now  he finds it much easier to swim a mile 5 or 6 mornings each week
I have been on a low fat diet for more than twenty years. My father had his first heart attack at 41 years old and  died as a result of his third… read more
Jane D. lost 17 pounds, no longer has acid reflux; her husband lost 24 pounds and lowered his cholesterol; his blood work is much improved and he disconinued some of this diabetes meds
I lost 17 pounds as a result of following the Eat To Live plan that my husband and I tried together. He is the one with all the medical… read more
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