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The Refrigerator is Never the Solution

Emily-Before and After

Four years ago this summer I began the journey to get my health back by choosing to wholeheartedly follow Eat to Live, and it’s been one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made in my life. 

Not only did I get my health back, the tranformation has had a rippling effect on my family, friends, community, and even complete strangers. As a result, many are now committed, or seriously considering, nutritarian eating for the rest of their lives also.

If I've learned anything these past four years, I've learned that food is NEVER a solution to any problem, stressed-filled day, or emotional high or low. Ever. If one turns to food, it magnifies problems, big time.

Emotional health is never achieved via the refrigerator, cupboard, or drive-thru, that's for sure.

No matter how much we try to keep stress out of our lives, we all have stuff to deal with on a daily basis . . .it is called living life.

Life is full of ups and downs, joys and sorrows, pleasures and pains; it's what makes our lives interesting. We are who we are today due to the experiences that we've all lived through: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

We must separate food from this day-to-day stuff that we experience. If we don't, we are undone. 

  • Are you thrilled and happy? Gather some friends and dance to some lively music! Play games together, tell jokes and stories. Enjoy life; don’t abuse your body with food.

  • Are you down-in-the-dumps? Go to bed early. Problems always look different after a nap or a good night’s sleep. Get help from supportive individuals; don’t abuse your body with food.

  • Are you overbooked with too many responsibilities on your plate? Schedule an appointment with a professional counselor or life coach to help you prioritize, develop a workable solution, and whittle away unnecessary tasks; don’t abuse your body with food.

  • Are you overcome with grief? Cry until you have no more tears. It’s okay to cry. Sometimes life gets unbearable and emotional pain goes deep. Call trusted friends. Close friends want to help you and be there for you; don’t abuse your body with food.

Abusing one's body with food, complicates problems, enhances sorrows, and adds an extra layer of fragility and tragedy to life. Addictive food and drugs are never a solution.

You'll be pleasantly surprised just how fulfilling your life really is as you allow the up-and-downs of life polish and refine you; instead of escaping to the refrigerator, cupboard, or drive-thru.

Cheers of the best health that’s possible to all — through all of life's circumstances!


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