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Get Healthy by Getting Support

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When you follow the Nutritarian eating style, you feel healthy and lively and those feelings provide their own motivation. However, when navigating tempting situations like the holiday season, it is helpful to get some additional support — a buddy to inspire and motivate you, and the support of your family and friends. You are more likely to stay dedicated to your healthy lifestyle if you have support than if you feel alone in your pursuit of excellent health. Seek to build a support circle; a few people who will root you on and support you 100 percent in your quest.

The following are a few strategies to increase your likelihood of success:

1. Once you’ve made the decision to eat for optimal health, tell everyone you know what you are doing and how excited you are about it. By telling close friends, family members, neighbors, and coworkers, you are going to make this more “real” and not just a secret struggle that you “hope to get through.” The worst position to be in is all alone; just you and your old addictions and bad habits. You’ll see that your loved ones will be interested in your progress, and many will want to cheer you on. You may even inspire someone to regain their own health! To do this right, you must be able to explain what a Nutritarian diet is and why it is so important.

2. Ask a friend, family member or coworker to join you in your new healthy habits. Share recipes and ideas. Eat and exercise together, if you can. It’s more fun and motivating this way and is one of the best strategies for success. You don’t want to let yourself down, of course, but when you have a buddy to share your journey with, you’ll be even more motivated to stick to the program so you don’t let that person down either.

3. Interact with others who have succeeded already at weight loss, disease reversal, or simply eating more healthfully and feeling better, so they can motivate you and give you more tips for success. A great way to do this is by participating in the online forums at DrFuhrman.com. There isn’t a better place where there’s such a concentrated group of like-minded Nutritarians than on the Member Center; and the more you get involved there, the more success you’ll have. Some will even post their daily thoughts as they are transitioning to a healthy lifestyle, and they’ll get daily responses from experienced Nutritarians who care.

4. Give yourself support too. Track your success each day (perhaps with a chart on your refrigerator), and motivate yourself with non-food rewards for reaching your dietary goals — maybe treat yourself to a massage, some new clothes, or a night out at a concert or a movie. Make each day count toward moving yourself closer to your health goals and share this success with others in your support circle.
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