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Fighting Disease with G-BOMBS

Five years ago when I committed to follow the nutritarian eating style, I wasn’t too concerned about fighting disease. I just wanted to shed excess weight and get my health back. And I wasn’t that focused on my family’s health either. Sure, I wanted them to eat healthy — like most all moms do — so I made homemade meals for them: beef and noodles, grilled chicken breast and baked potatoes, spaghetti and garlic bread, baked ham and scalloped potatoes, and the like.

After a year of following the six-week plan in Eat to Live, I lost close to 100 lbs. and eradicated heart disease, hypertension, and prediabetes from my life. I was happy but looking back, I still had somewhat of a dieting mentality. I was more thrilled about what the scales were reading and my closet full of new clothes than the long term health benefits of the Nutritarian approach. There was absolutely nothing wrong with being excited about those personal accomplishments, but I was missing the mark.

I continued to purchase butter, cheese, and meat for my husband and children. I continued to buy their favorite containers of ice cream and packages of cookies, and I continued to grill chicken breasts and put the salt shaker on the table for them.

Then in the summer of 2010 I attended my first Health Getaway at the beautiful Rancho Bernardo Inn in Southern California. At that getaway I listened intently to Dr. Fuhrman’s compelling lectures on reversing heart disease and diabetes, super immunity and preventing cancer, and a light bulb went on inside my head that week. I had read Dr. Fuhrman’s books and articles, listened to his teleconferences, and I had even interviewed several Nutritarians by that time to know that eating for health was important. But not until that getaway did I realize just how important it was to not only eat for health and quit eating cancer producing meat and dairy products, but to fight diseases with the powerful weapons as G-BOMBS: the acronym of Greens, Beans, Onions, Mushrooms, Berries, and Seeds.

My cooking changed drastically after that time. I no longer bought meats and cheeses and I started adding mushrooms and onions to bean entrees instead. I dumped the salt into the trash and I bought fresh and frozen fruits to make sorbets and healthy ice creams to replace the store bought treats.

Even after those drastic changes there were still loopholes. My husband was eating for optimal health at home but he was still consuming disease-promoting foods away from home; I still didn’t comprehend the full dynamics of the power of G-BOMBS; although by this time I’d interviewed and interacted with many people who had eradicated such diseases as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, Crohn’s disease, allergies, asthma, cancer, lupus, chronic bronchitis, colds, flu bugs, MS flare-ups, etc. with G-BOMBS.

Then he suffered the symptoms of nearly fatal, unstable angina where the main arteries to the heart were more than 90% blocked — and that’s when the power of G-BOMBS hit home.

From that day onward I forged through Nutritarian recipes and with a little perseverance and creative ingenuity I discovered my family’s favorite ones. I finally made preparing meals loaded with G-BOMBS a priority for my family’s way of eating as well as mine.

How about you?  Do you view the Nutritarian approach with a dieting mentality to lose some weight, or are you committed to fighting diseases for not only just yourself but your entire household with the best arsenal of ammunition possible?

Let’s all be a part of winning the war on disease with G-BOMBS today! Optimal health, free of disease, is for everyone!

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