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“Trademarked” for Health

Third Place Winner

Champions of Health are those people that have been so impacted by the effects that the Nutritarian diet-style has had on their own health and lives that they have chosen to share their knowledge and experiences to help others and pay it forward. A Champion of Health becomes a catalyst of change, helping friends, family, co-workers and communities understand how they can take control of their own health destiny. During the 2013 Holiday Health Fest we asked members of Dr. Fuhrman's Member Center to submit their best Champion of Health story or to nominate someone else as their Champion. Nora was our first place winner. Here is her story:

In 2005, my husband and I welcomed our sixth son into the world and were delighted with our healthy baby boy! After his birth, I battled one mastitis infection after another and also suffered from a host of other annoying health complaints. My pediatrician recommended that I read Eat To Live and attempt to conquer the infection, which had now become antibiotic resistant, by building up my immune system. It worked! My health improved, and I was able to continue breast-feeding for two and a half years! My excess weight melted away along with my other health problems.

Since that time, I have been sharing Dr. Fuhrman's books, supplements, recipes, DVDs, and other resources with as many people as I can. Thankfully, my husband and children have come on board, and now my oldest son works as a counselor at a medical center. He helps families make the dietary and other lifestyle changes that will facilitate them in their healing. My husband is the pastor of a church and I have foundthat one of the best ways I can assist him in his work is to help his congregation to have the best health possible! It has become my "trademark" at bridal and wedding showers to give Dr. Fuhrman's supplements and books and everyone knows they can expect to see some of his recipes at any church event involving food! Each spring I have organized a Women's Retreat, and have spoken about how nutritious eating can have a huge and positive impact on the health of our minds and bodies. I have also hosted several seminars on nutrition, and offered demonstrations and samples of Nutritarian recipes. I have tried to be gracious, and to make myself available to answer questions, but to not overwhelm anyone with my opinions or lifestyle. I appreciate the library, member forums, and other educational opportunities on Dr. Fuhrman's website and I am frequently able to research a question for a friend there.

Thankfully, many of the folks in our congregation have been embracing Dr. Fuhrman's principles, and it is not uncommon for my children to ask me if someone has been "Fuhrmanized" yet! Of course, the best thing is to see that many people we love and care about are improving their health and that many new parents are embarking on a path to "Disease-Proof" their new little ones! Thank you Dr. Fuhrman for all you have done for all of us!

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