Nutritarian Handbook and ANDI Food Scoring GuideBy Joel Fuhrman, M.D.

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A Nutritarian Diet Handbook

A concise guide to Dr. Fuhrman’s Nutritarian diet, complete with a list of foods ranked by micronutrient density to help you make healthier food choices. This book explains how eating a Nutritarian diet helps prevent and reverse disease, achieve and maintain a desirable weight, and remain productive as you age.  Included is a list of foods with their ANDI scores, the top 25 best foods to include in your diet, and 29 popular Dr. Fuhrman recipes. This quick reference guide also offers side-by-side analysis of SAD and Nutritarian meals.

The Nutritarian Handbook and ANDI Food Scoring Guide gives you a quick overview of the principles of Dr. Fuhrman’s powerful Nutritarian Diet, along with all you need to begin to put the information into practice.