Women's Glucose Protection Subscription

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Dr. Fuhrman’s Women’s Glucose Protection Subscription can help you attain comprehensive nutritional adequacy.

  • Women’s Daily Formula +D3—Designed to meet the needs of active, health-conscious women and to support breast health, provides 2000 IU vegan vitamin D3
  • Glucose Biotect - Designed to help promote healthy glucose levels safely and naturally, using a carefully selected combination of essential micronutrients and cinnamon extract
  • DHA+EPA Purity—This long-chain omega-3 fatty acid supplement is derived from a pure vegan source of lab-grown algae and is formulated to support the brain, eyes, and cardiovascular system
  • Immune Biotect—Provides additional immune-strengthening phytochemicals, from 10 mushroom extracts, berries and herbs not typically found in one’s diet