Fast Food Genocide: How Processed Food Is Killing Us And What We Can Do About ItJoel Fuhrman, M.D. with assistance from Robert Philips

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Fast Food Genocide offers fascinating insight into:

  • Why fast food and processed food are destructive influences on our society
  • How fast food affects our health, intelligence and propensity for violence
  • How fast food causes diseases like heart attacks, strokes, cancer, obesity and more
  • How fast food perpetuates bigotry
  • The problems caused by “food deserts”
  • How a nutrient-dense, healthful diet can help us reach our intellectual and physical potential

The book includes:

  • A two-week meal plan
  • 84 delicious Nutritarian recipes

This book will change the way you look at food — forever.

Twenty-five years in the making, Fast Food Genocide draws on Dr. Fuhrman’s extensive clinical experience and research into the science of nutrition to show how our addiction to fast food and processed food is the source of a national health crisis—one that has tragic implications for society.

With the contribution from Robert Philips and other social historians, this book identifies issues at the heart of our country’s most urgent problems. Fast food kills, but it also perpetuates bigotry and derails the American dream of equal opportunity and happiness for all. It leaves behind a wake of destruction creating millions of medically dependent and sickly people burdened with a poor quality of life.

Dr. Fuhrman lays out the science showing that fast foods are destructive, not just to a person’s health, but also to his or her intelligence and propensity for learning, and emotional well-being. This kind of junk food is also a contributor to the epidemic of drug addiction. He shows that food availability and cost are major factors when it comes to perpetuating poverty and racism.

But there is hope. A nutrient-dense, healthful diet can save lives and enable humans to reach their intellectual potential, and achieve a successful and fulfilling life. Dr. Fuhrman offers a life-changing, scientifically sound approach, along with menu plans and recipes that can alter American history, and perhaps save your life in the process.

The status quo is systematically destroying the lives and health of our generation and can even get worse for future generations. This Fast Food Genocide must be stopped.