Dr. Fuhrman’s Transformation 20 Diabetes - DigitalBy Joel Fuhrman, M.D.

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Dr. Fuhrman’s Transformation 20 Diabetes includes:

  • 20 Daily Menus
  • 60 Delicious Nutritarian recipes
  • Importance of Glycemic Load
  • List of the Best and Worst Foods for Diabetics
  • Guide to Important Supplements
  • Why the Nutritarian Diet Works for Diabetics
  • Advice on Staying Active
  • Shopping Lists
  • Guide to Stocking your Pantry
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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I love T20! My blood sugar readings have plummeted from 220 to 166 in just 3 days and I have lost weight too. Looking forward to having readings below 100. Woo-hoo!

– Jenny


A diagnosis of type 2 diabetes can seem overwhelming. But Dr. Fuhrman will show you how to achieve improvement – and in most cases, reversal –  through Nutritarian dietary intervention. This transformation, from the throes of disease to wellness, can be quick, and it can be permanent.

Dr. Fuhrman’s Transformation 20 Diabetes outlines a plan that can, with your doctor’s guidance, put you on the path to gradually reducing and eventually freeing yourself from the medication, glucose monitoring, HbA1C measurements, medical appointments and devastating complications tied to this life-threatening illness.

Dr. Fuhrman’s Transformation 20 Diabetes lays out an easy-to-follow 20-day meal plan that will reset your palate, recharge your mind and reenergize your body, while you eat delicious, nutrient-dense foods. It is a safe, nutritionally sound way to improve your type 2 diabetes, achieve sustainable weight loss and see significant health improvement in less than three weeks. It is important that when you are following the plan, you also read Dr. Fuhrman’s book, The End of Diabetes.

An Overview of the Transformation 20 Diabetes Diet

This program was designed for people who want to improve and in most cases, eliminate their type 2 diabetes through sound nutritional intervention. The meal plan is based on Dr. Fuhrman’s Nutritarian eating style, which is described in Dr. Fuhrman’s New York Times best-sellers such as The End of Dieting, The End of Diabetes, The Eat to Live Cookbook and The End of Heart Disease.  Focusing on a narrower range of food choices than the classic Nutritarian diet, the meal plans in this book supply optimal levels of macro- and micronutrients while aggressively targeting the complications of type 2 diabetes.