An Evidence-Based Approach to Dietary Phytochemicals and Other Dietary Factors—eBookby Jane Higdon, Ph.D. and Victoria J. Drak

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Concise, Logically Structured, Peer-Reviewed Information

From a trusted resource for health professionals comes a guide to interpret the explosion of health information on the role of a plant-based diet. This completely updated second edition consolidates a wealth of scientifically accurate, peer-reviewed data on plant foods, dietary phytochemicals, and dietary supplements. Also included is information on essential intake recommendations, dietary sources, nutrient and drug interactions, phytochemicals in disease prevention, possible adverse effects, and much more.

Chapter Summaries Offer Quick Review

This book is ideal for nutritionists, dieticians, nurses, and other health care professionals who need to educate patients about sound food choices. Students in graduate programs in nutrition, food science, pharmacy, and allied health fields also will find the abundance of rigorous, scientifically accurate information essential to their studies.

An Evidence-Based Approach to Dietary Phytochemicals and Other Dietary Factors synthesizes a huge amount of epidemiological and clinical research emphasizing the importance of a phytochemical-rich diet over dietary supplements. Chapter summaries are included for quick review.