Women’s (with 18 mg of iron) Health Subscription

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Dr. Fuhrman’s Women’s (with 18mg of iron) Health Subscription can help you attain comprehensive nutritional adequacy!

  • Gentle Prenatal—formulated with iron and 1000 IU vegan vitamin D3 and WITHOUT folic acid to support women of child-bearing age with heavy menstruation cycles
  • DHA+EPA Purity—This long-chain omega-3 fatty acid supplement is derived from a pure vegan source of lab-grown algae and is formulated to support the brain, eyes, and cardiovascular system
  • Immune Biotect™—Provides additional immune-strengthening phytochemicals, from 10 mushroom extracts, berries, and herbs not typically found in one’s diet 

Getting the optimal amounts of all the essential vitamins and minerals daily can be difficult, even for those who consume a high-nutrient diet. You may still require additional supplementation to optimize nutritional exposure, maximize lifespan, and increase resistance to disease, since individual absorption efficiency and utilization varies.

Most premenopausal women benefit from a small amount of supplemental iron. Premenopausal women have higher requirements for iron due to blood loss during menstruation. Requirements vary however; those who experience light monthly cycles may need little or no supplemental iron while those with heavy bleeding may require more. If you are uncertain about your need for extra iron, have a ferritin blood test done to check your iron levels. Read more about iron requirements for premenopausal women.

Dr. Fuhrman’s Women’s (with 18mg of iron) Health Subscription will help to ensure optimal nutrient intake and avoid insufficiencies. This subscription differs from the Women’s Health Subscription and the Women’s (with 9mg of iron) Health Subscription in that it includes the Gentle Prenatal in place of the Women’s Daily Formula in order to provide extra iron (18 mg/day) to those women who may require it. This subscription is automatically billed and shipped every four months and provides a 120-day supply of the essential supplements Dr. Fuhrman recommends that women take daily, alongside a healthful diet.

  • A high-quality multivitamin, formulated with iron and 1000 IU vegan vitamin D3 and WITHOUT folic acid to support women of child-bearing age with heavy menstruation cycles. (Gentle Prenatal)
  • A small amount of omega-3 fatty acids from a safe, clean algae source (DHA+EPA Purity)
  • Additional immune-strengthening phytochemicals not readily available in most diets (Immune Biotect)

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