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Single test: $100.99

This test is not available to residents of the state of New York, California or outside the U.S.

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  • Vitamin D insufficiency is common
  • Check vitamin D status with this test at home to guide supplementation
  • Simple finger stick – no doctor visit or blood draw required
  • Simple and convenient to ship sample to the laboratory

Vitamin D has emerged as a crucial nutrient for many different aspects of health. There are vitamin D receptors on almost every cell in the human body. Insufficient vitamin D levels are associated with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, depression, autoimmune diseases, and several cancers; and it is common to have insufficient vitamin D levels – about three-quarters of Americans have a vitamin D level considered insufficient (less than 30 ng/ml).1, 2

Since vitamin D is primarily obtained through sunlight, and getting adequate sun exposure without increasing skin cancer risk is difficult, Dr. Fuhrman recommends supplementation to assure optimal Vitamin D status, and that means not too much and not too little. Vitamin D requirements are not the same for everyone, and supplementation should aim to keep blood vitamin D levels within the optimal range of 30-45 ng/ml. Testing vitamin D levels at home can guide supplementation to achieve a vitamin D level in this optimal range, without the inconvenience of doctor visits and blood draws.

ZRT Laboratory’s Blood Spot Vitamin D test allows you to test your vitamin D levels at home with a simple finger stick; the blood is simply dried on a piece of filter paper and shipped to the laboratory.

Blood Spot testing provides results on par with those from regular serum tests.

This test is not available to residents of the state of New York, Maryland, California or outside the U.S.