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Dr. Fuhrman’s Pregnancy Subscription can help you and your baby attain comprehensive nutritional adequacy!

  • Gentle Prenatal—formulated with iron and 1000 IU vegan vitamin D3 and WITHOUT folic acid to support women who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant
  • DHA+EPA Purity—This long-chain omega-3 fatty acid supplement is derived from a pure vegan source of lab-grown algae and supports eye and brain development in developing babies

Dr. Fuhrman’s Pregnancy Subscription was designed for women who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant. Gentle Prenatal stands out from other prenatal vitamins. It is made specifically for women who take in sufficient natural folate from greens and beans and do not desire to expose themselves to the potential for heightened cancer risk from synthetic folic acid.

Gentle Prenatal contains adequate amounts of essential nutrients that may be lacking, even in a healthful diet, yet excludes any ingredients that have the potential to cause harm, such as vitamin A, beta-carotene, vitamin E, folic acid, and copper. Folic acid is typically recommended to pregnant women, yet is associated with risks, including increased incidence of respiratory tract infections in infants and asthma in children. Supplemental folic acid is also linked to cancer whereas folate, essential during pregnancy and naturally found in green vegetables, is protective.

Because of the increase in blood volume that occurs during pregnancy and the iron needs of a developing fetus, many women who are pregnant need extra iron. In addition, a mother’s iron stores are also important to assure adequacy in their babies, which is important for brain development and maximizing intelligence. However, too much iron can also be problematic for pregnant women. Gentle Prenatal contains a conservative dose of 18 mg iron, which when combined with a healthful diet, will help to assure that pregnant women meet their iron requirements without excess.

Vitamin D adequacy is also important during pregnancy as, during the third trimester, calcium demands increase and vitamin D is integral to calcium absorption and fetal bone growth and development. Vitamin D deficiency is common and affects up to 50 percent of pregnant women and breastfed infants. Gentle Prenatal includes 1000 IU of vegan vitamin D3. For many women, 2000 IU vitamin D is an appropriate daily dose, but some may require more or less. Gentle Prenatal contains 1000 IU, leaving room for extra supplementation if necessary, but also accommodating those women whose 25(OH)D levels exceed the favorable 30-45 ng/ml range on a dose of 2000 IU/day.

Gentle Prenatal now includes choline, which is a unique feature among prenatal multivitamins. Choline has emerged as a crucial nutrient for pregnant women, since choline acts as a building block of the baby’s developing brain, and most Americans do not meet choline intake recommendations. However, the makers of most prenatal multivitamins have not yet acted on this research to include choline.

The Pregnancy Subscription also contains DHA+EPA Purity. The omega-3 fatty acid DHA is important for pregnant and nursing women. DHA is one of the crucial building blocks of human brain tissue and adequate levels  throughout life are important for vision and learning. The only source of DHA a developing baby has as a means of beginning to build brain tissue comes from what its mother consumes. Early in life, DHA is supplied via the placenta and from breast milk. DHA is especially important for vision and brain development during the last trimester of pregnancy and first two years of childhood. It is thought that the child’s cognitive development is affected by the mother’s DHA levels during pregnancy. DHA supplementation also reduces the risk of preterm birth.

Supplementing with DHA is a safe alternative to fish consumption, since the level of mercury in most fish can potentially harm the brain of the developing baby.

This subscription is automatically billed and shipped every four months and provides a 120-day supply of the supplements Dr. Fuhrman recommends that pregnant women take daily, alongside a healthful diet.

  • A high-quality multivitamin, formulated with iron and 1000 IU vegan vitamin D3 and WITHOUT folic acid to support women who are pregnant or plan to become pregnant (Gentle Prenatal)
  • A small amount of omega-3 fatty acids from a safe, clean algae source (DHA+EPA Purity)

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