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Video on Demand

Streaming video access to presentations on a nutritional approach to prevent and reverse chronic diseases. Watch anytime, from anywhere.


How to Lower Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

Discover the most effective ways to protect yourself against heart attacks and strokes, without drugs and their risky side effects in this 4-part video lecture. READ MORE

How to Prevent Breast Cancer

In this 3-part streaming video, Dr. Fuhrman teaches you how to harness the power of nutrition in the fight against breast cancer. READ MORE

Immersion Excursion

This 9-part streaming video presents the Nutritarian diet and how it is effective for weight loss and to prevent or reverse chronic diseases. READ MORE

Osteoporosis Protection for Life

In this 4-part streaming video, learn the best ways to protect your bones from osteoporosis, without drugs, through nutrition and exercise. Get started with a great bone-building workout. READ MORE