With these value bundles, Dr. Fuhrman takes the guesswork out of choosing the books and media you need to get started on the Nutritarian diet.


The End of Dieting Quick Start

Bundle: $26.94 (if sold separately $31.94)

Jumpstart your weight loss with Dr. Fuhrman’s fun, effective and easy-to-follow program, while you read his best-selling book on how to stop dieting forever. READ MORE

The Weight Loss Starter Kit

Weight Loss Starter Kit with Membership: $49.99 (if sold separately $74.96)

Dr. Fuhrman’s Weight Loss Starter Kit includes meal plans, recipes, a journal, shopping tips, cooking tips and a free month of Gold membership. READ MORE

Nutritarian Essentials Bundle

Bundle: $45.84 (if sold separately $47.93)
For Gold, Platinum, Diamond Members: $34.38 (if sold separately $35.94)

In this book and DVD bundle, Dr. Fuhrman gives you the knowledge and tools to get started on Nutritarian diet, and demonstrates basic cooking techniques. READ MORE

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Perfect Together: Dr. Fuhrman’s Cooking DVDs Bundle

Bundle: $39.98
For Gold, Platinum, Diamond Members: $29.99

In these fun and enticing DVDs, Dr. Fuhrman will teach you how to shop for, and cook delicious Nutritarian meals. Learn tips, techniques and shortcuts. READ MORE

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