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Posters and Magnets

Keep the Nutritarian diet principles in view and stay motivated with Dr. Fuhrman’s handy magnets and attractive posters. They make great gifts, too.


G-BOMBS Refrigerator Magnet

Single Magnet: $2.49

A refrigerator magnet designed to keep you fit. Greens, beans, onions, mushrooms, berries and seeds are Superfoods known as Dr. Fuhrman’s G-Bombs. READ MORE

Nutritarian Checklist Refrigerator Magnet

Single Magnet: $2.49

Keep on track with your weight-loss goals with a Dr. Fuhrman Nutritarian Checklist refrigerator magnet. Use it as a helpful and healthful reminder. READ MORE

The Salad is the Main Dish - Refrigerator Magnet

Single Magnet: $2.49

A convenient reminder of how to Eat To Live! READ MORE

Out of Stock

Peter Max H = N/C Poster

Poster unsigned: $49.95

Artist and pop culture icon Peter Max elevates Dr. Fuhrman’s H=N/C formula for health into a vibrant poster for your wall. READ MORE