Many individuals who follow the Nutritarian diet write to Dr. Fuhrman about their success. Keep in mind that results vary from person to person. As always, consult your physician if you have a medical history and/or condition that may warrant individual recommendations.

Rebecca's Story

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Results may vary.

Since the birth of her baby Rebecca has followed Disease Proof Your Child and is happy to say that her daughter never gets sick  

Our two year old daughter, Maria, has been living a Nutritarian lifestyle since day one. My husband and I adopted this lifestyle not too long before we became pregnant with her. We don't know if this was coincidence or not, but we were trying to conceive for a whole year, and the month after I gave up drinking dairy milk she was conceived.
Maria drank only breast milk for the first six months of her life. After that we began introducing fresh baby food I made from scratch. We followed the advice in Dr. Fuhrman’s book Disease Proof Your Child.  As a result have one of the healthiest babies we know. To this day, we give this book to expectant parents at any baby shower we attend.  
Maria has only had two little colds in her life, one when she was six months old lasted a few days, and the other, when she was about twenty months lasted a little longer. But neither required prescriptions or trips to the doctor's office.  Most of our friends and relatives scoff at the idea that we don't give our children ice cream, cookies, and candy. However, the way we see it, "the proof is in the pudding" (or, the proof is in the green smoothie).  Maria has only been to the doctors for well visits and has never had any ear infections or fevers.   
Green smoothies used to be a staple in her diet and she enjoyed them every night with our family. However, to our disappointment, the "terrible twos" have set in and she refuses to drink them. We're hoping as she gets older we will be able to reason with her and have her drink them again. Maria loves soup, so we make it a habit to serve her hearty soups that include lots of greens, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, and her favorite, beans. She also enjoys eating salad with me at lunch time. I don't know of any other two year old who asks for "lettuce" on a daily basis.
Some of Maria's favorite foods are watermelon (which she would eat in its entirety if I let her), bananas, homemade oatmeal smoothies (made with nuts, seeds, banana, and steel cut oatmeal), beans, rice, potatoes, and lettuce with apple cider vinegar. Her favorite treat is homemade nut and date balls rolled in coconut flakes that she gets on special occasions.

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