Many individuals who follow the Nutritarian diet write to Dr. Fuhrman about their success. Keep in mind that results vary from person to person. As always, consult your physician if you have a medical history and/or condition that may warrant individual recommendations.

Adrienne's Story

Adrienne lost 128 pounds, says Dr. Fuhrman was the answer to her prayers  

When I met Dr. Fuhrman, I weighed 319 pounds.  I was medicated for asthma, hypo-thyroid (at 300 mgs/day), glucose management (not yet a diabetic, but warning signs were present) and water retention.  I also had high blood pressure and had been diagnosed with a relatively severe case of sleep apnea, both of which were untreated at that point.

I was experiencing back pain, knee pain, and foot pain every day. I was frequently winded and out of breath after even minor exertion, and my sleep patterns were erratic. I never felt fully rested. Also, I was retaining water like a sponge, literally to the point where several pairs of my shoes were too tight to wear and I was unable to wear most of my rings. I was increasingly more tired and worn out in a way that I never had been before. Despite a lifetime of obesity I had never experienced this before. I knew that I was in trouble and had reached the end of my “getting away” with my weight.  I was frightened, overwhelmed, and depressed feeling it was simply too late to “fix” myself.

Given my growing despair, I resolved to have gastric bypass surgery, believing that it was my only option, even though I had always thought it was unhealthy and inappropriate. Thank God that at the very same moment I was reaching for the phone to schedule my surgery; I received a phone call from a dear friend's mother who has followed Dr. Fuhrman's research for some time.  She believed that Dr. Fuhrman had the answer to rid me of my lifetime of obesity.  She was right.  She informed me that for my 40th birthday, she was going to bless me with a consult with Dr. Fuhrman, and in that exact moment, with tears in my eyes, I knew that my prayer had been answered, that this was literally a gift from God. I had a very strong feeling that this was my answer.  I resolved to do whatever he told me to do. There was no turning back.

I began to follow the Nutritarian plan the very day I met Dr. Fuhrman.  Literally, in about a week, I began to feel an increase in my energy and an increase in my mental clarity. I could see a noticeable decrease in the puffiness that had become my norm and I began to find previously unknown space in my clothing.  At my one month weigh in, I was hyper with excitement about how great I felt and found I was 26 pounds lighter.  Moving the scale bar off the 300 pound mark was a very joyful experience, but not as joyful as it was to move it off of the 200 pound mark less than a year later.

I now have lost 128 pounds; my current weight is 191 pounds and my health is spectacular. I continue to take a markedly lower dose of thyroid medication (125 mgs/day,) but other medications are no longer necessary.  My energy now surpasses the standard that I once maintained as great energy, and my aches and pains are gone.  In fact, I had been obese and out of shape for so long that I didn't appreciate just how rotten I felt because it had simply become my norm.

Before starting this journey, I had no confidence that this level of success would be possible. Having been given this gift of a new and healthy life, free from the chains of obesity, I have found a new confidence that was missing before. I feel so strongly about sharing this knowledge that I’m always trying to encourage other people. I frequently show pictures of myself at 319 pounds to let people know what is truly possible. I send folks to the Member Center and the Disease Proof blog, and given several people Eat To Live. I truly believe in what it means to follow the Nutritarian lifestyle. I am actually horrified at how simple and easy this new life has become. I spent forty years morbidly obese when freedom and health was literally a bowl of greens away.

I now realize that many medical professionals and government officials are very uneducated about proper nutrition.  Each and every one of us must make up our own minds and determine how we will live, and the answer to this is directly connected to how we eat.  I will Eat To Live, and I will thrive because of it.  And for the record, I am now wearing my rings again, all of which had to be taken to the jeweler to be sized down so I could fit them.

Results may vary.

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