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Osteoporosis Protection for Life

The #1 bone building guide and exercise program.  Discover the best ways to protect your bones without drugs and get energized with an easy-to-follow 15-minute workout.

Runtime: 56 minutes

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The most effective way to combat osteoporosis is through proper nutrition and exercise.  Learn how with this video collection:

  1. Dr. Fuhrman’s presentation on osteoporosis protection
  2. Frequently asked question & answers
  3. Demonstration of 10 bone and muscle-building osteoporosis-fighting exercises
  4. 15-minute strengthening workout, that does not require special equipment

Includes a downloadable 16-page booklet that reviews:  

  • myths about medications
  • interpreting an osteopenia diagnosis
  • factors causing osteoporosis
  • the best foods for bone health  
  • calcium supplementation


  • Osteoporosis Protection For Life
    • Osteoporosis Protection for Life - Lecture
    • Exercise Demonstrations
    • Questions and Answers
    • 15-Minute Workout
    • Informational Booklet

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