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Newsletter No. 3 — November 2002
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What’s inside this issue:

  • The Seven Best and Seven Worst Foods
    Dr. Fuhrman M.D. addresses the common question, “What are the best foods to eat?” providing healthful recommendations and providing information on which foods to avoid.

  • Enjoy the Holidays & Your new Diet
    Learn to enjoy the holidays without the fear of derailing your healthy eating habits with the help of 6 simple tips for the holiday season.

  • Why Researchers are so Concerned about Dairy Products
    Exploring the wisdom of drinking cows milk with information that is often overlooked in the American diet.

  • Dr. Fuhrman’s Delicious Holiday Recipes
    Pick any of these easy‐to‐prepare holiday dishes that are both healthy and taste great.

  • Dr. Fuhrman Announces New Dietary Supplement
    Dr. Fuhrman unveils his Eat To Live (Gentle Care Formula) Multivitamin, and talks in great detail about the benefits his multivitamin offers over other multivitamins on the market.

  • Latest News about Acrylamide
    Learn about the potent carcinogen called acrylamide, how it’s formed in our foods, and how they can be avoided.

  • Reversing Diabetes by Harnessing the Power Within
    Janice S. Lehert documents her battle with Type II diabetes and the dramatic improvements that she made with the lifestyle changes recommended by Dr. Fuhrman.


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