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 Cancer Protecting Foods  
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Foods that Fight Breast Cancer
Following a high-nutrient diet protects against many chronic diseases, breast cancer included.

Onions and Garlic are Anti-Cancer Foods
Epidemiological studies have found that increased consumption of Allium vegetables is associated with decreased risk of several cancers.

Anti-Cancer Foods: Cruciferous Vegetables
Nutrition scientists have shown over and over that people who eat more natural plant foods – vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts and seeds, etc. – are less likely to be diagnosed with cancer. But are all vegetables equally protective?

Cancer Protection - Go Cruciferous!
Do you want to protect yourself? Eat lots of colorful vegetables, specifically including lots of green cruciferous vegetables.

Secrets Revealed: The Powerful Health Benefits of the Pomegranate
There's more to these red fruit than meets the eye.

Blueberries Are One of Nature's Best Foods!
Learn about the many benefits of consuming healthy amounts of blueberries.












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