November 2007 - Issue: # 20

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Dr. Fuhrman’s Tip of the Month
Vitamin D: for cancer prevention!

Vitamin D is a fat–soluble vitamin that regulates the calcium and phosphorus levels in the blood by promoting their absorption from food in the intestines. We've known about the important role vitamin D plays in the formation and maintenance of strong bones and prevention of osteoporosis for some time. This is why Dr. Fuhrman developed and recommends Osteo-Sun, a unique vitamin D and calcium supplement.

Now there is another reason to take Dr. Fuhrman's Osteo–Sun. New research reveals that vitamin D may also be critical for preventing breast and colorectal cancer!

High intakes of calcium and vitamin D are associated with lower breast cancer risk in premenopausal women in a prospective study of more than 30,000 women.1 Harvard Medical School researchers found that higher doses of vitamin D and calcium reduced the risk of developing breast cancer by 30%. The decreased risk seems most pronounced with aggressive breast tumors. According to other recent observational studies, assuming adequate vitamin D through supplementation and, when possible, very moderate exposure to sunlight, it could be associated with a 50% reduction in the incidence of breast cancer.2

Additionally, previous studies, such as the Women's Health Initiative, have shown that a low dose of vitamin D did not protect against colorectal cancer, yet a meta–analysis indicates that a higher dose may reduce its incidence. The evidence to date suggests that a daily intake of 1000-2000 IU/day of vitamin D(3) could reduce the incidence of colorectal cancer.3

Vitamin D can be found in only a few food sources, many of which I would not recommend for different reasons. The most important source of vitamin D comes from exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun. The UV rays stimulate vitamin D synthesis in the skin. Since vitamin D is made by our bodies in the presence of sunlight, supplementation becomes essential when your exposure to sun is limited. There are many limiting factors which include season, geographic latitude, time of day, cloud cover, smog, and sunscreen. For example, UV ray exposure in the northeast from November through February is insufficient for proper vitamin D synthesis.

So, don't miss your daily dose of Dr. Fuhrman's Osteo-Sun, especially during this time of year if you live in the northern states or if you don't spend time in the sun!

Learn more about vitamin D, read:
Dr. Fuhrman's Healthy Times Newsletter Issue 21 - September 2005

1. Arch. Intern Med 2007;167:1050-9.
2. J Steroid Biochem Mol Biol. 2007 Mar;103(3-5):708-11.
3. Am J Prev Med. 2007 Mar;32(3):210-6.

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Food for Thought

Sea, Celtic, Peruvian Pink, Hawaiian Black Lava, and Pure Himalayan Crystal salts are discussed in Dr. Fuhrman's Healthy Times September 2007 issue. Myths abound about the nutrient benefits of these "special" salts. Truth is: sodium is sodium and the sodium level in these salts is the same as common table salt.

It's no secret that high sodium diets lead to high blood pressure, which causes an estimated two–thirds of all strokes and almost half of all heart attacks. So, keep the sodium in your diet at a safe level by following Dr. Fuhrman's rule of thumb: Avoid foods that have more milligrams of sodium than number of calories per serving.

Read more about salt and sodium in Dr. Fuhrman's Healthy Times Newsletter Issue 33 September 2007.

Where you'll also learn:
~ How to decipher sodium claims on food labels.
~ The amount of sodium in some of the food you're eating before the saltshaker hits it!
~ How to retrain your taste buds to enjoy food without adding salt.
~ The "other" health risks of too much salt in your diet.

Plus, you'll find some delicious low–sodium recipes!

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November Menu

Healthy Homecoming Recipes

Sweet Potato Orange Salad Dressing

Braised Kale and Squash with Pumpkin Seeds

Sweet Potato Apple Bake

Deep Dish Apple Deluxe

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Recipe of the Month

Sweet potatoes are in abundance during this time of year, so we're featuring a couple of holiday recipes using them. What's the difference between sweet potatoes and yams? Sweet potatoes are generally what we find in our supermarkets, whereas yams are found in Asian and Caribbean markets. Sweet potatoes are moist and sweet. Yams are dry and starchy. The orange varieties of sweet potatoes provide a much higher source of beta carotene. Select those which are firm, well–shaped, and have a smooth skin. Sweet potatoes may be used in a variety of ways, including casseroles, stuffings, smoothies, grated in salads, and desserts. We hope you enjoy these recipes and wish you a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving!

Success Story
Dear Dr. Fuhrman,

I am a 31 year old female. I have always considered myself to be healthy and active. I had a cholesterol screening done before I had my 1st child and the reading was 250. I thought the test results were just wrong and went on with my life...nothing changed.

A couple of years later, my cholesterol reading was even higher - 284! At this point, I though it might be me and not the test. I bought your book Eat to Live. The book was enlightening . . .

My doctor wrote off my third record high cholesterol reading of 308 to genetics. He suggested that I needed to be on medication. I didn't want to be on meds for the rest of my life. I didn't want the side effects. I decided to try your intensive nutritional therapy before trying the medication route. Also, he feels very blessed to have a personal story to share with other patients who may be in a similar situation...and a great book to recommend.

After four months, MY CHOLESTEROL DROPPED 110 POINTS! My lipids dropped from a scary 199 to 74! Your book empowered me to accept responsibility for my health. There have been other positive side effects too! My husband's cholesterol has dropped and I have lost 10% of my body weight (in the first 8 weeks) — taking me back to my high school weight!

I know that I AM IN CONTROL. My current cholesterol reading is 198. I can't wait to get it under 150 and avoid the bypass my father and his father before him had.

Thank you for writing your books. Knowledge is power. Thanks for making me powerful!

~ Kelly B.
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