April 2007 - Issue: #13
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Member Testimonial

This eating program works. I had tried several other diets over the years with moderate success. However, even when I incorporated exercise, I was unable to lose much more than 10 pounds and was never able to kept the weight off. My dad had success with the Eat to Live program and recommended that I read the book.

It was a fascinating read and got me very excited to give it a try. I am 5' 9' tall and weighed 179 pounds. When I read that I should weigh 155 pounds I almost fell off my bed, but then I remembered that I weighed 155 pounds when I graduated high school. Upon starting the program, I lost six pounds in the first six days! I have been on it now for just under three months with a total weight loss of 25 pounds with no exercise. I feel great and am sleeping better than ever.

One of the reasons this program is so effective is that it's really easy to follow. You don't have to count calories, limit portions, and you're never hungry because it's not a diet -- it's a way of eating that gets easier and easier the longer you do it. The only downside is that I've had to buy all new pants because none of my old ones fit.

I've told just about everyone who will listen about this program. Try it for a month and you'll be happily hooked for life.

Thanks Dr. Fuhrman!

Nick, age 31

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April's Menu

Recipe of the Month

Soup and salad combos make a great lunch or dinner all year round. They can be kept simple or made elegant depending on your desire and the occasion. Remember that salad should be the main dish, both at lunch and dinner. Successful, long-term weight control and good health is linked to your consumption of raw greens. They are the healthiest food in the world. We often have the impression that a salad is boring, consisting of just lettuce and tomatoes and maybe a couple of other vegetables, but there are unlimited ways of making a salad interesting and exciting, as you can see with our recipes this month.

Soups are also a great food since you can make them in a large quantity and with a large variety of vegetables, beans, and leafy greens. If using spinach or lettuce, you may add them at the end of the cooking time, but if using a green that needs to cook longer to attain tenderness, such as kale or collards, you'd need to add them along with the rest of the vegetables. Enjoy experimenting with soups and salads and, if you're a member of the online member center, please submit them in the recipe guide for other members to enjoy!
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