Your Weight Loss Journey Begins Here

Based on the latest scientific literature, and his own experience helping thousands of people successfully recover their health and transform their lives, Dr. Fuhrman designed this program which:

  • Does not involve any type of calorie counting
  • Does not require consuming a completely vegan or vegetarian diet.
  • Is instrumental in reversing many chronic health problems
  • Provides the key to overcoming food addiction
  • Puts an end to “yo-yo” dieting and the health dangers that go along with it
  • Outlines a diet plan with foods that you will come to prefer
  • Helps you feel and look younger
  • Helps protect against certain types of cancer
  • May add healthy years to your life

When you follow the Nutritarian diet you can eat until you feel satisfied and, over time, your appetite for empty-calorie foods will decrease. You’ll lose weight, feel great, and give your body the tools it needs to fight and reverse chronic disease. For more information, go to the Weight Loss Health Concern.

First Time in Years!

I am losing weight for the first time in years. This works for me because it is not dependent on exercise — I am disabled and cannot do a great deal of exercise. Thank you for helping me.

– Gloria H.

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