Many individuals who follow the Nutritarian diet write to Dr. Fuhrman about their success. Keep in mind that results vary from person to person. As always, consult your physician if you have a medical history and/or condition that may warrant individual recommendations.

Stanley C.'s Story

Stanley and Martha learned you're never too old to improve your health  

I have always said that what we eat causes most of our health problems.  But as we aged eating out with friends and family has become a frequent happening. Part of the reason is for ease, part for the tasty food, but also for the socialization. Meanwhile my wife and I struggle to remain healthy.

At a  party in December 2004,  a friend's younger daughter and son-in-law were very interesting.  Their focus was how they were changing eating habits, eliminating most of what was being served. Weight loss was their goal. December 2005 found them a mere shadow of their former selves. Steve lost 50 pounds in 6 months, Suzanne a bit less. They brought their own food.

They basically had become vegans.. Do all that to lose weight?  I didn't think so. Suzanne had been on statins for cholesterol control. Her cholesterol was running 298 before statins, after 6 weeks it was 300. Dropping the statins, being afraid of the side effects, and starting her new way of eating the number dropped to 175. The couple also noticed increased energy, greater ability to concentrate, fewer allergies, full not stuffed, feeling less hunger and Suzanne’s dry skin condition had subsided.

What did that mean to my wife Martha and me?   Were we too old to become healthier? I thought not. Will it extend our life? Don’t know, but if our life is healthier while we are alive, isn’t that a plus? So what are we doing? Martha  read Eat To Live.  We increased our eating of vegetables, both raw and cooked, fruit, beans and nuts. I’ve eaten less than a handful of M&Ms. Consumption of animal products including dairy and eggs have been minimal.

So where are we now? Neither of us is on cholesterol lowering medication. I have stopped  blood pressure medication. Our blood work results are excellent. We feel great, more energy and enjoying what we are eating more so than our previous SAD diet. Our weight has dropped without effort. For years we have tried to reduce our weight. Martha was a faithful at the local health club. We were and still are frequent walkers. Her weight going back to 2001 ran between 150 and 165 regardless of the amount of exercise or diet. Now her weight is about 132. Also, Martha had continual aches and pains every morning while on Provachol. Without medication the aches have stopped. My weight,  historically, ran from the high 170’s to the mid 180’s. November 1, 2006, a few days from now, I estimate that my weight will be 141, down 40 pounds from a year earlier.

Friends and relatives have watched, and, in some cases, admired our progress. Many have changed eating habits somewhat to increase fruit and vegetable consumption. We have sent many email to friends and relatives with articles about health and eating along with updates our progress and even held a Vegan Fest for 65 friends and relatives to expose them to some of the many wonderful vegan food items that are available.

Some people might think it’s a negative, but our having to buy new smaller clothes has been very uplifting. As my weight approaches my wedding date weight of 43 years ago we must say that this is a success and a testimonial to the greatest diet style on earth that Dr. Joel Fuhrman has designed and continues to refine for the benefit of anyone wanting to improve their health.


Results may vary.