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Many individuals who follow the Nutritarian diet write to Dr. Fuhrman about their success. Keep in mind that results vary from person to person. As always, consult your physician if you have a medical history and/or condition that may warrant individual recommendations.

Trulie's Story

Trulie lost 25 pounds; had a healthy pregancy and easily lost the weight she gained and more; her cholesterol and blood pressure are all normal  and she is in the best shape she has ever been  

Through high school I steadily gained more and more weight. By my senior year, I was at my largest at around 160 pounds on my small 5 ft.5in. frame. I looked for larger clothes to hide in and felt awful. Before college, I tried an Atkins style, low carbohydrate diet and lost quite a bit of weight. But my energy was very low. I could barely do any exercise without feeling very tired. I went off the diet and started eating college cafeteria food and gained all the weight back.

I struggled with depression about my weight and appearance. I experienced fatigue and asthma symptoms when I exercised, and my blood pressure and cholesterol continued to climb. I became a vegetarian at the end of college for ethical reasons. My weight didn't change as my diet still included a significant amount of animal foods in the form of dairy products. At the age of 24 my weight was around 149 pounds and my blood pressure was 122/80, signifying prehypertension. I was fatigued and my seasonal allergies were unbearable. I experienced terrible discomfort during menstruation and I was frequently at the doctor for sinus medication and an inhaler to use when I exercised.

After switching to a vegan diet in 1999 and starting a more regular exercise program, my weight dropped 10 pounds over the next year. I resigned myself to the belief that I would never be skinny and it was genetically impossible to be skinny given that most of the women in my family battle with their weight too. My mostly vegan diet still included lots of processed foods and my addiction to sugar was overwhelming. I felt like I could not get through the day without some kind of sugary, fatty dessert which I most enjoyed after dinner.

However, my interest in nutrition and the many questions I would get from people curious about my vegan diet led me to go to graduate school to become a registered dietitian. I read many resources on nutrition outside of my course work. Given what I was learning and how recommendations for fruit and vegetable intake would go up every year, it seemed to make more sense that fruits and vegetables be at the base of the pyramid and the bulk of what people ate.

In 2002 in Philadelphia  I heard Dr. Furhman lecture at a conference on nutrition. I bought his book and enjoyed it immensely. I was especially impressed with his careful referencing of many studies in the book. I continued to toy with different weight loss diets and was continually frustrated with not knowing what exact amount of calories to consume and how much I was eating. Even with all of my nutrition knowledge I did not know how to eat for my ideal weight. I later bought Eat To Live and the message that fruit and vegetables should occupy a predominant place was dead on. I adopted the Eat To Live diet and the very specific recommendations for emphasizing high nutrient and low calorie foods. Slowly, but surely, the weight started to come off. What was amazing to me was how much food I was eating yet how I continued to lose weight.

My journey with eating a high nutrient diet has had its ups and down. I now know what true hunger is, to feel very satisfied with a meal, to not snack until the next meal, and, most surprising, I have greatly reduced my desire for the fatty desserts and other processed foods I loved so much. I would never have thought that I would look forward to a fruit and nut “ice cream” as much as the full fat dairy variety back during my food addicted twenties. I am now at an ideal weight of 120 and a size 2 dress side, down from a size 12 in high school. My numbers are as follows:

  Processed food vegan High nutrient diet
Blood pressure
HDL Cholesterol
LDL Cholesterol
Cholesterol/HDL ratio
144 lbs
120 sys/80 dia
158 mg/dl
55 mg/dl
79 mg/dl
2.9:1 mg/dl
120 mg/dl
120 lbs
100 sys/62 dia
126 mg/dl
50 mg/dl
65 mg/dl
2.5:1 mg/dl
56 mg/dl

I enjoy many physical activities like biking, running, and weight training and my resting heart rate stays in the low 40s. I can do all of these activities without the aid of inhaled steroids and my energy level is much better. It has been such an accomplishment to feel and look better now as I get older than how I felt and looked in my early twenties. Not many people can claim to be in better shape now than when they were in high school! Since I started a high nutrient diet, I have had a healthy pregnancy and lost all of the weight I gained and more. I am now a mom and am raising my daughter with the same high-nutrient diet in the hopes that she will never have the struggle with weight and health problems that I had. I especially enjoyed reading Dr. Furhman’s Disease Proof Your Child and continue to use it as a resource. My daughter’s growth has been steady and she sailed through infancy without ear infections that have become so common.

I have now focused my professional goals to helping others achieve their full health potential in my private nutrition practice. I have seen the power of a high nutrient diet in my clients. I am very grateful to Dr. Fuhrman for his practice, knowledge and hard work to disseminate all of this information to the public.

Results may vary.