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Is a Vegan Diet the Ideal

Dr. Fuhrman compares a Nutritarian diet to that of a vegan or vegetarian and discusses why a Nutritarian diet is the superior choice. He goes into specifics as to why ... Read More

Longevity Skills

Dr. Fuhrman discusses some tips to longevity including: proper eating, exercise, social relationships, sleep, dental hygiene, and more. ... Read More

Deteriorating Health Care

Dr. Fuhrman addresses the overuse of drugs and medical interventions in American healthcare. He speaks about the increasingly larger role the pharmaceutical industry p... Read More

Multivitamins: Friend or Foe?

Surprisingly, the answer could be both! In this informative webinar, Dr. Fuhrman explains why there are controversial outcomes in clinical research studies on multivit... Read More

Research on Vitamin D

Dr. Mullin explains why vitamin D is so important to your health. She discusses the latest research, optimal levels and the risks and benefits of too much and too litt... Read More

Immunity Enhancing Effects of Mushrooms

Dr. Fuhrman discusses the immune enhancing effects of mushrooms, and some other interesting aspects about mushrooms, including some “classic” mushroom joke... Read More

Dr. Fuhrman on Eat To Live - The Powerful Patient Radio Show February 2011

Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to live the rest of your life in pain or on medication. Dr. Joel Fuhrman speaks with Joyce about how he uses nutriton to... Read More

Nutri-Bite: Fuhrman Basics

Dr. Fuhrman provides an overview of the Nutritarian diet-style and its role in promoting weight loss, wellness and longevity. He also talks about the ways in which eat... Read More