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The Most Interesting Nutritional Research of 2008

An overview of some important nutritional research of 2008. Discussed are studies involving vitamin D; the benefits of nuts and seeds in weight loss, heart health, and... Read More

Omega-3 & other Essential Fatty Acids

Discussing fats found in meats, fish, cheese, nuts and seeds. Cutting through the healthy and non-healthy fats. ... Read More

Nutritional Recommendations for Specific Conditions

Dr. Fuhrman offers advice on how to accommodate the different nutritional needs of certain specific groups: the elderly, athletes, and pregnant women. He discusses fat... Read More

Nutritarian Recipes and Cooking

Join Dr. Fuhrman as he teaches you how to prepare some of his favorite, fast and easy Nutritarian recipes using whole food ingredients. Whether you are a beginner in t... Read More

Holiday Menu Planning

Dr. Fuhrman shares Nutritarian menu tips, time-saving strategies and some of his favorite holiday recipes to help make this a healthy holiday season. ... Read More

Nutri-Bite: Getty Nutty

Not all fats are unhealthy, according to Dr. Fuhrman. Raw nuts and seeds pack a powerful nutritional punch, and satisfy hunger better than oils because they are high i... Read More

Nutri-Bite: Combining Nuts and Seeds with Greens

Dr. Fuhrman discusses the benefits of combining the healthy fats and protein from nuts and seeds with green vegetables to optimize the absorption of nutrients. ... Read More

Nutri-Bite: Awash with Almonds

Almonds are a great source of protein and healthy fat if used in the right amounts. Dr. Fuhrman demonstrates how to blanche almonds before slicing or crushing them for... Read More

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