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Even a small amount of alcohol increases breast cancer risk

We hear constantly that moderate consumption of alcohol, especially red wine, is beneficial for cardiovascular health. However, when it comes to cancer risk, any amoun... Read More

Is Coffee Bad or Good For You?

You’ll be happy to know that getting up and enjoying your favorite cup of coffee is fine, however that’s where it must end. The problem lies in reaching mu... Read More

Indulging in Just One Unhealthy Holiday Meal Increases Risk of Heart Attack

Rich foods packed with oils, animal products, white flour, and sugar may look tempting to you at a holiday gathering. Maybe they’re so tempting that you to say t... Read More

Don’t Fall for the Myths About Soy

Contrary to the negative soy information floating about in today’s technological world, the scientific consensus shows soy is essentially beneficial.  Actua... Read More

Diet soda’s harmful effects

Eliminating diet soda from your beverage arsenal will help protect your bones. Moreover, despite the word “diet”, these drinks may actually cause weight ga... Read More

Sugar-laden Drinks Increase The Worst Type of Fat On Our Bodies

There are two types of fat in your body and each carries their own risks. The location of body fat may be just as important as amount of fat when it comes to health ri... Read More

Sugary drinks linked to hundreds of thousands of deaths worldwide

If sugary beverages are part of your everyday thirst-quenchers, or if you are ever tempted to pop open some sugary beverage to satisfy your need for liquid, think twic... Read More